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#Rojava – KON-MED: Protest Turkish massacre in Til Rifat at 5 pm today!

Rojava. KON-MED called on people to protest the bombing of Til Rifat carried out by Turkey in which 10 people, 8 of them children, died. “We have to take to the streets at 5 pm on Tuesday and denounce the Turkish state brutality.”

Gathering in Wuppertal, German territory: 05:00 pm (17:00) Döppersberg, level of Schwebebahnhaltestelle at the bridge (Banhofsvorplatz (front square of the maintrain station, HBF Wuppertal – Elberfeld)

Originally published by ANF News.

KON-MED issued a written statement to condemn “Dictator Erdoğan and the Turkish army carrying out the massacre of Kurds.”

The statement continued: “The invading and brutal Turkish army and its mercenaries want to occupy the entire geography of Rojava, to eliminate Kurdish status and to exterminate the Kurdish people as a whole.”

KON-MED underlined that on Monday, once again, Turkish bombs targeted civilians. “This time Turkye bombed civilians living in Til Rifat. As a result of the attack 10 people, of whom 8 were childre aged 3-15, were brutally massacred.”

The statement reminded that “before this massacre, 9 civilians lost their lives in previous attacks. Dozens of civilians were seriously injured in various parts of the city.”

KON-MED called on people around the world to “take the streets at 5 pm on Tuesday, to expose the barbarism of the Turkish state to the world. We should call on the international community to stand up against such massacres.”

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