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Meet Jon Lawrenz: A Look Inside The #Wisconsin 3% Militia Pt1

Report Back: We Will Not Comply Rally, Madison Wisconsin, November 2nd  2019

The rally started as most rallies do and was heavily attended by 3% militias from across the entire country. It was also attended by numerous AntiFascist groups from across WI. The reported purpose of this rally was to denounce recent legislation by WI Governor Tony Ever to create new Red Flag Laws for the state. It quickly became evident that this rally was about so much more. 

Submitted to Enough 14. Image above: Antifascists were initially prevented from entering the rally even as it became apparent that they were displaying a pro-gun message and had no intent of disruption or violence

Red flag laws are a clear threat to every gun owner that exist, the laws themselves are a clear threat to us all. But how to avoid a red flag law was never once mentioned at the We Will Not Comply rally, the narrative that was taken by these militia groups seemed to all have one thing in common…being accountable for your own personal actions. Their main concern was being accountable for issues regarding domestic violence, which is not a surprise when you take into consideration that the 3% militia is completely infiltrated by the police and other law enforcement, and ex-military who clearly want to bring their wars home. 

Above is a screen shot from the discussion wall of the We Will Not Comply event page. This is exactly how you get a red flag law, but the militia never once gave this issue a single concern…it was completely ignored

Meet Jon Lawrenz: 3% militia member from from Oconto Falls WI

Jon Lawrenz was the most vocal member of the Wisconsin 3% militia. As AntiFa was blocked from entering the main rally point by a heavily armed security line, and was outnumbered close to 10-1, it became very clear that Jon Lawrenz came looking for a fight, and he found one. 

Pictured above is Jon Lawrenz.

Statement By Fox AntiFa, Fond du Lac WI Den: Jon Lawrenz was weak as fuck. With a very heavy police presence standing only 6 feet away, Jon seemed very brave that day. He picked many fights with our members, even with some who were minors. He attacked us while heavily armed to provoke us to attack back and create chaos. We knew the police would attack us and not them, so one of our members tossed Jon around 1v1 like a little rag doll and Jon Lawrenz immediately went crying to the police.

Statement By Fox AntiFa, Oshkosh WI Den: Jon Lawrenz is a threat to our communities and would have discharged his weapon upon us if given the chance. Jon Lawrenz tried to grab our Fox AntiFa banner while heavily armed, as I grabbed the banner tight, our member from the Fox Valley threw Jon off and away from our other members, then the police quickly moved in and Jon went crying to them like a little snitch. This person does not belong in any community. 

Statement By 608 AntiFa: We met Jon Lawrenz at the neo-fascist 3% rally and circus. We remember that Jon was very vocal about shooting all of the Antifascist that were there. He crossed the barrier and approached the antifascist from the rear and attempted to grab the banner that the antifascist were holding. He almost got jumped but the state police police saved his ass. 

After the altercation ended, Wisconsin 3% militia commander Mark Groom ordered Lawrenz to be removed from their security line. Lawrenz then joined at the main rally point where he again immediately began harassing another AntiFa crew who gathered at the top of the steps. This crew of AntiFa consisted of a few minors, Jon Lawrenz then joined in on sexually harassing two of these minors who displayed no acts of violence. This particular group of 3%ers wanted to know what these kids had in their pants. It was then once again very clear that Lawrenz was only at this 3% rally to find trouble. 
Statement By Fox AntiFa, Appleton Den: We didn’t have much interaction with Lawrenz.We were trying to get up to the top at the main rally point and were being pushed around. Once we got half way up he tried standing in front of us and was blocking us. We remember him saying he wanted to shoot one of us and he kept pressing his guy against a guy. Then Wisconsin 3% militia commander again had to tell him to stand down.

Jon Lawrenz Pictured Above. Jon stated publicly on social media that he works at Cruisers Yachts (Warning Facebook link)  Phone number 920 834-2211 He says he is also an observer at Oconto Falls Area Ambulance Service (Warning Facebook Link)

Our blog team would like to thank Fox AntiFa and everyone affiliated  for remaining disciplined, by doing so you kept each other safe. The entire world sees you and the entire world is proud of you. You went into the hornet’s nest and you won in many ways. You are an inspiration in your communities and beyond…please be proud of that. 

Now the critical information on Jon Lawrenz: The Following Statements are from MDTT, Midwest Defensive Tactical Team

Our blog team asked a local AntiFascist group from the Fox Valley if they could attempt to obtain statements not only from their local Antifascist groups but also from any WI militia groups who would give information on Jon Lawrenz. They complied and they were highly successful. Below will be questions asked and answered in a three day conversation that took place with MDTT 

The first thing that we learned is that MDTT left the 3% militia just days before this rally started. They could not overlook the racism and violent tendencies any longer. They also questioned the real motives for the days events.


Photoed above is Jon Lawrenz doing FTX training at the home of a member of MDTT

MDTT states that they know Jon Lawrenz very well. He was a member of their MDTT patriot group. They did FTX (field training eXercise) training alongside him, even in their own homes. However, he was in their opinion, a radical who had too much of a temper and considered AntiFa to be a disease that needed eradication. This was why, by majority vote he was removed from Midwest Defensive Tactical Team. The last time they were personally with Lawrenz was also at an FTX training in February 2018. He was full of himself, had limited respect for authority and seemed to enjoy causing drama within their patriot group

When we asked MDTT for their opinion on Lawrenz and his actions on November 2nd they stated that they certainly denounce his behavior and find his aggression reprehensible and unbecoming of a member of the Wisconsin 3% militia and what they are supposed to represent. MDTT is also grateful that no other violence extended past the actions of Lawrenz and that MDTT finds it honorable that no one within AntiFa retaliated with violence past self defence. 

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