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December 6, 2008, a few minutes after 09:00pm: Time zero of the December revolt

Athens. Exarcheia. December 6, 2008, a few minutes after 9 pm – Time Zero of the December Revolt. Two policemen draw their guns and one of them shoots against a group of youngsters. The police bullet finds in the heart and kills 15 year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos. What follows is a video of the first 60 minutes of the revolt.

Originally published by Perseus999.

Video documenting the first 60 minutes after the murder of 15 year old Alexis Grigorpoulos by two policemen at Mesollogiou Street in the Exarchia area of Athens, on the night of 6 December 2008.

The video that has been shot by Fred L’Epee begins to record the events, 25 minutes after the murder, only two streets away from the scene of the police crime and reaches point zero where the murder occurred.

For most Greeks this is a moment marked deeply in memory, since most of us remember exactly what we were doing when the news of the police murder shook us like a collective electric shock. During those first days, we did not realize that we were taking part in something that would profoundly define the years to come, something that from a reflex riot against the murder of Alexis on that night of December 6, would turn into a wildfire of riots that quickly spread across the country and shook Greece for more than a month, inspired solidarity actions all over the globe and influenced the resistance movements around the world in the years that followed.

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