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#Mapuche Community of #Temulemu Chico Begin Process of Territorial Recuperation

Communique from the Mapuche community of Temulemu, as they begin a process of territorial recuperation and autonomous struggle.

Originally published by Radio Kurruf. Translated by Voices in Movement.

To our Mapuche People and Nation.

To the Public in general.

We communicate the following:

Kiñe: Today, November 30, 2019, as the community of Temulemu, we begin a process of territorial recuperation, of the estate known as Elena Sur, of approximately 1000 hectares. Today this estate is in the hands of the large land owner, Jaime Muno, in the district of Victoria.

Epu: We will continue forward in this process of territorial recuperation through territorial control, beginning productive work for the reappropriation of the resources located in the usurped property. We will begin with the construction of rukas (traditional Mapuche housing), agricultural work (principally planting), the replacement of a rewe (Mapuche sacred alter) and other spaces of Mapuche significance.

Küla: This process of territorial assertion will be carried out to the last consequences, with the final goal of expelling the estate-owner and his extractivist politics on the land.

Meli: In this process of territorial struggle and the recuperation of autonomy carried out by our community, we will be accompanied unconditionally by a good part of the autonomous Mapuche movement, today represented by the community Temulemu of the nagche-Traiguén territory, by the community of Llollowenko in the district of Los Guindos-Los Sauces, and by the organization CAM (Arauco Malleco Coordinator).

Out with the forest industry and large land owners from Mapuche territory.

For territory and autonomy.

Wewaiñ Marrichiwew

Community of Temulemu Chico, November 30, 2019

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