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Call to support #Exarcheia and the fourth film by the #Anepos collective

Like previous films over the years, Love and the Revolution financed a significant part of the needs of the main places and collectives in the Exarcheia district of Athens, and about 70% of the resources provided by solidarity convoys. But after the end of the film tour, at the end of the winter, it’s over. We no longer have a regular source of funding to support places and collectives. Fortunately, thanks to you, we managed to save several members of Rouvikonas from prison during the spring. Then two of you helped us to restore the emergency fund to meet the following priorities. You will find information about how to support us at the end of the text that follows.

Originally Published by Love and Revolution.

Today, the situation has changed. Following early elections in July, a new government has just been put in place and is trying to hinder our actions of resistance, creation and mutual aid. The new Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has carried out his threat to “clean up Exarcheia”, Athens’ rebellious and supportive neighbourhood known for its concentration of squats and self-managed places unique in Europe. Since the beginning of the summer, we have been in a tough and difficult struggle for the survival of this utopian experience that gives us pause to reflect on our ability to take charge of our lives.

We are in trouble in several places and groups, starting with refugee squats (such as Notara 26) where the stocks of food for adults and babies are being filled and then quickly emptied due to the large number of people who have been supported, some fleeing the camps built in Greece by the European Union. Self-managed social centres such as K*Vox, for example, no longer had a door, following repeated police attacks accompanied by the gassing of people inside, despite the ban imposed by international conventions (we have taken care of replacing this door and other elements essential to the security and reception functions of these places). The number of victims of violence is increasing. Documented migrants who have successfully left the camps also need help, etc.

During the summer, the Anepos collective, the initiative of the films and solidarity convoys, managed to borrow money to cover the most urgent needs:

  • purchases of baby milk and food for adults and children
  • purchases to organize the Notara 26 4th anniversary celebration
  • replacement of the destroyed K*Vox door
  • emergency assistance to displaced refugees, sometimes with babies as young as two months old
  • help with the heavy health costs of a Greek wrestling comrade well-known to the movement
  • assistance with the travel of experienced but precarious international solidarity workers (mainly from France to support the area and to do volunteer work on an occasional basis)
  • purchase of a professional quality camera/video for a Greek comrade automedia
  • other material needs, DIY and protection
  • the support of a very dedicated Greek comrade, recently in serious trouble.
  • assistance with legal costs for several Greek and migrant comrades
    In total, we managed to advance the sum of 4875 euros during this very difficult time.

As for the film, it’s the same thing. The main collectives and venues in Exarcheia asked us to prepare a fourth film without delay because of the increasing speed of events. While we thought we would wait until 2020, we suddenly started shooting in the heart of our places and collectives, alongside our fellow fighters and in consultation with them for everything we will show you in this film.

You will be behind the scenes with us, in the defence of Exarcheia, but also elsewhere in northern and southern Greece, especially to prevent the destruction of the common good by multinationals in magnificent wilderness areas, and for surprises that will be enjoyable for you. Our idea of a title was immediately accepted by all our Greek and migrant comrades in arms. The title of this fourth film will be “We are not afraid of ruins”.

However, every film represents a price and, even if ours are among the cheapest that exist for this level of distribution (each time 18,700 euros), it also requires a call. Above all, we need 10,000 euros to unlock certain problems, to cover certain travel expenses and buy new equipment. Recently, we have had a camera stolen in disturbing conditions. Our main computer adapted to this work has died. Let’s add that on August 31st, Yannis was charged by the MAT (CRS) outside K*Vox, on the scene, they tried to tear off his photo/video camera and finally managed to tear off his microphone which they then trampled (see photo of the damage taken by our British photographer friend Andrew O’Carroll).

That is why we are calling for 20,000 euros, 10,000 for the main needs in Exarcheia and 10,000 for the film under preparation. If we were to exceed the sum, it would make it possible to have a bigger emergency fund in the coming weeks, on the Exarcheia side, and to create freely, without constraints, with much better tools and by protecting our work (backups) as much as possible, on the film side.

Thank you in advance for your support (possible modalities at the end of this text).

If you are broke and unable to help us financially, please do not spend the little money you have. If you spread this call around, it’s already a lot.

If you also frequent the awful social network Facebook, you will see that there is a “We are not afraid of ruins” page that you can support and share.

For the others, please note that the “We are not afraid of ruins” website will soon be available, as well as the poster and the first trailer.

You can count on us. We’re counting on you. Because it is also you who, in recent years, have supported Exarcheia in various ways, particularly through convoys, to hold out in the face of adversity.

See you soon for more news,

Maud and Yannis Youlountas po/Anepos collective

QED: Anyway, supporting the film also means supporting Exarcheia. This goes hand in hand since one of the main vocations of our films is to support the places and collectives politically and financially, which we have been doing for all these years.



ANEPOS IBAN: FR46 2004 1010 1610 8545 7L03 730

Please mention in the subject line of the transfer: Exarcheia call and/or 4th film


Appel pour Exarcheia et pour soutenir le quatrième film

Appel pour Exarcheia et pour soutenir le quatrième film ( Call for Exarcheia and to support the fourth film).



Order: ANEPOS (only). Do not add anything to the order, but mention it on the back of the cheque or as an attachment: Appel Exarcheia et/ou 4e film

To be sent to :

Action Solidarité Grèce
BP 10 – 81540 SORÈZE – FRANCE
You can also add support messages that will be sent to the collective of your choice or to the main meeting of the neighbourhood collectives.

Update on the Exarcheia call + 4th solidarity film
as at 11 November 2019

Objective: we made a global appeal for 20,000 euros, including 10,000 euros for the main needs in Exarcheia (4875 already advanced through a loan) and 10,000 euros for the film under preparation. If we could exceed the sum, it would ensure a larger emergency fund for Exarcheia in the coming weeks and allow, at the film level, to create freely, without constraints, with much better tools and by protecting our work as well as possible (backups).

As an indication: the total budget of the film is, as for the previous ones, 18 700 euros (every film represents a cost and ours are among the cheapest that exist for this level of distribution). All our films are in creative commons, without subsidies or mainstream partnerships, with free access to the Internet, and all the margins are then donated to self-managed solidarity places and collectives in Greece.

Total collected as of November 11, 2019
(in 7 weeks)

13,860 euros

of which
4,145 euros for the next film
(or 22% of the target of 18 700 euros)

This has allowed us to:

  • repay the amount borrowed during the summer for Exarcheia (4875)
  • create an emergency fund (2000)
  • participate in several urgent solidarity actions, for example with comrade teachers in Exarcheia whom we have supported in their wonderful self-managed initiatives with families who have managed to return from the odious camps (900)
  • help the L’Autre Humain social kitchen network to fill the gap in the amount needed to pay its semi-annual rent (940, the rest of the 3300 semi-annual rent having been collected by the kitchen itself at the 1500 level and by our support network at the 860 level which, added to the 940, makes it possible to provide support of 1800, or 300/month, or 55% of the rent)
  • emergency assistance for legal costs (1000)
  • financing of the film (4145 out of the 18700 required)
    4875 + 2000 + 900 + 940 + 1000 + 4145 = 13860

One small thing to know: the film should have received a larger proportion of the aid received, but the emergencies were such that part of the amount initially planned was donated (940 to the social kitchen L’Autre Humain so that it would not end up on the street and 1000 in urgent legal costs). In the future, we hope to increase the funding for the film from €4145 to €10,000 (the ultimate objective being the 18,700 needed to produce it).

Thank you to all of you, regardless of the amount. And thanks also to those who could not help us but shared the information. The most urgent thing is to consolidate the emergency fund for Exarcheia and to finance at least half of the film (because we are not in a position to borrow large sums). Let us recall that all the margins of Nous n’avons pas peur des ruines will then be donated to self-managed solidarity places and collectives in Greece, as in previous films. Our films are made by the social movement (in assemblies), on the social movement (people who really fight) and for the social movement (solidarity production given back to the collectives concerned, unlike films with a lucrative vocation which are supported and relayed by the power media). An original approach, away from TV sets and recuperations of all kinds, directly from one social base to another. An important initiative that needs your support at this moment.

The call continues. Thank you for your help, no matter how you do it.

Maud and Yannis Youlountas & Anepos film collective

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