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#SubMedia: What Is Property?

Video by SubMedia. All power structures are rooted in ideology. A shared belief in this ideology is what keeps the structures of power in place. Under capitalism, the edifice of social control is built on the collective illusion of private property, and the sanctity of the so-called ‘free market’.

Originally published by SubMedia.

Any moves taken to challenge this logic will therefore provoke pushback from the system’s indoctrinated cheerleaders, and will certainly catch the attention of the repressive and recuperative functionaries of the state. But as the saying goes… you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. And you definitely can’t overthrow capitalism without messing with people’s stuff.

So…. what is property, anyway? And what do anarchists have against it?

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1 thought on “#SubMedia: What Is Property?

  1. To ne me appropriate and accurate what holds up political society are social moralities ingrained into the moronic masses over many years of conditioning. Political and religious values are what consists of the different ideologies that make up the different social moralities that perpetuate oppression oppression and misery. As far as „property“, am in agreement, with Max Stirrer in that he said that aside from „personal“ property, „property“(in the political/religious sense) IS a result of theft.

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