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Fifth statement by the “Federación Anarquista #Santiago” on the social uprising in #Chile

Chile. What follows is the fifth statement of the “Federación Anarquista Santiago”. More than one and a half month after the start of the revolt.

Originally published by Federación Anarquista Santiago Facebook page. Translated by Enough 14.

  1. Fifty days after the Social Outburst, the people are still firm in the struggle, the attempts of demobilization, criminalization, state terrorism and the exhaustion of days of resistance have not been enough to break the will of the oppressed class, which has risen to never kneel again. The social fabric annihilated by Pinochet’s dictatorship is now being reconstructed inch by inch, in instances such as territorial assemblies, territorial organizations and unions, cultural activities, common pots, and in protest the Organized Community flourishes. The peoples in struggle have demonstrated all their creativity and rebellion, in this way generating an indefatigable resistance. The protest of millions of women and dissidents has been moving, shouting to the world that “The oppressive State is a rapist male”, an echo that has been felt in all corners of the planet, capitalism and patriarchy tremble in the face of the rebellion of the peoples. It is tremendously important that everything we have experienced in these months of resistance does not remain anecdotal or circumstantial, hence it is extremely important to create and strengthen the organizations of the oppressed class such as unions, federations and student centers, territorial assemblies, women’s organizations, sexual and feminist dissidents, committees of relatives, coordination in defense of land, water and territories, organizations of indigenous peoples, and so on. In this way, to ensure popular protagonism and to consolidate this process of accumulation of forces.
  2. The State continues with its policy of terror, thus extending human rights violations to all territories, a situation that has even been visualized by international organizations with a clear liberal tendency. The attributions of its lackeys are absolute, and every time the Government has been able to do so, it has come out to rub the backs of the henchmen who spread terror, violence, torture and rape in our streets and neighborhoods. The figures of repression are increasingly dramatic: more than 8,500 detainees, thousands of tortured, hundreds of rapes, uncertain numbers of disappeared, about thirty murdered, and almost 300 people with their eyes mutilated. They are killing us, disappearing, torturing and raping us.Added to the above, the mechanisms of repression have increased, to the point of reintegrating retired police and advancing the promotion of those who were in the process of “training,” thus increasing the repressive presence in a significant way. Although we are not in a state of emergency legally, the peoples in struggle have been able to prove the permanent and veiled nature of this, since State terrorism is still more present than ever.
  3. Added to the above, the parties of order embrace each other and celebrate the emanation from the rotten National Congress of laws that are coming to criminalize social protest. Laws that will punish with severe penalties those who carry out strikes, land seizures, or organize themselves to rise up against this system of domination; in this way all forms of effective resistance against Capitalism and Patriarchy are banned. On the other hand, a new political police is being created, which will have undercover agents to persecute, harass and assassinate social fighters, and if this is not enough, a law is being passed that will allow the Armed Forces to protect the infrastructure that makes the flow of products and the plundering of nature possible. This repressive agenda counted with the obvious votes of the Right and the “Ex Concertación” -architects of this tearful democracy-, however, we also counted the omission and votes of the so-called “Left”; Communist Party and Frente Amplio ( Wide Front) of those who will never feel betrayed since they have never been on the side of the oppressed class. With this they only come to reaffirm what is known and understood in the streets, that they are nothing more than false critics, lovers of bourgeois democracy and its privileges, they only seek to contribute to the precariousness of our lives and will bring a toast when they fill the prisons with social fighters. The people possess wisdom, so we understand that this was not a “political error” as some squeal on social networks, but a declaration of direct war against the oppressed class. The peoples have a memory, so we will never forget that they helped the government in power to massacre us.
  4. The political caste, “expert journalists,” and the commentator who passes the television sets have targeted various groups who would be behind the “public safety problem Chile faces”. These stupid things come from bourgeois mouths, which have never understood popular rebellion and its indomitable nature. It is the oppressed class as a whole that has rebelled against a system that forbids us to live in dignity, that denies us water and land, that commodifies our bodies and territories, that forbids us everything.
  5. Finally we call to continue the resistance, today there are thousands of prisoners of the social explosion who are imprisoned in the prisons of the bourgeoisie, we call to extend solidarity actions and fight for their immediate release. Likewise, we must continue to consolidate popular protests, strengthening and creating organizational instances of all kinds, which will advance to the construction of an organized community, in order to concretize our self-liberation and the fall of the patriarchal-capitalist system of domination and its colonizing strategy.

Let’s continue the fight!
Immediate release of the prisoners of the social revolt!
To strengthen the People’s Protagonism!
Let’s strike root Anarchism!
To build an organized Community!
Long live the struggle of the peoples!


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