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Angela from #Chile, during a #FridaysForFuture press conference at the #COP25.

The Hambi Bleibt Mastodon account published the following words, spoken by Angela from Chile, during a Fridays For Future press conference at the COP 25 in Madrid. The transscript might contain some errors but we include the full video of the press conference so you can hear what she exactly said by yourself (at the bottom of the page). We also included a few other speakers of the press conference.

Originally published by Hambi Bleibt.

The cameras of the world don’t often look at the global south. In the case of Chile, since COP25 was suspended in Santiago, most mainstream media forgot about us. Millions of people marching on the streets for a dignified life. It’s not about thirty pesos, it’s about 30 years of democratic governments that failed to protect us and to listen to out demands. Chile woke up. We said: “enough”. We can’t sustain a system that sacrifices people and dives us into climate crisis for the benefit of a view. As a respond to the unrest in Chile, the government declared state of emergency and curfews for the first week. But we are fearless, we continue to flood the streets, even if we’re risking our lives. We are redefining our future, and pushing on the limits on what we think is possible. Chile woke up, and the world is waking up too.

It is outrages to arrive at COP in Madrid and see how the Chilean government cleans it’s image with empty words, while committing human right violations every day. This must stop now. How can we even think about ambitious action, ambitious climate action, when the governments, this government is spreading fear, shooting and blinding the eyes of protesters. In order to address a climate crisis, human rights must be protected.
What countries congratulate each other for their weak commitments, the world is literally burning out. We only have few years to stay below 1.5 decrease of warming.

We are clear of what need to be done. The solutions are simple. We lack the political commitment. Of the last week of negotiation at COP, governments are discussing the wrong thing…

Instead of discussion on how to transition from fossil fuels, COP 25 is focused on elaborating ways for rich industrialized countries to be able to carry on polluting while pretending not to. As we know well in Chile, neoliberalism is a dead coat. As we know from past attempts, the market will not safe us form the climate crisis, in fact the opposite. The conversations the governments should be having are actually about the real current impacts of climate change that communities around the world are facing, like my friends have described now. People are already dying in this climate emergency. And these communities need support. But again, it seems that some lives matter more then others. The rich and powerful seem happy to sacrifice our communities in the pursuit of profit. So here at COP, back in Chile and around the world, people will continue to rise against governments that do not represent us. Our lives are not for negotiation. Our planet is not for sale.

Angela, Fridays For Future Chile

Indigenous youth land-defender, speaking at Fridays For Future press conference durung the COP 25 in Madrid

The climate crisis is more then a discussion about a 1.5 decrees Celsius. It also looks like stolen and engaged children at the US Mexico border, it looks like missing and murdered indigenous women, people are dying, indigenous land defenders are being murdered, the climate crisis is a spiritual crisis for our entire world. Our solutions must be with science, with spirituality and traditional ecological knowledge, with technology. Our movements must be bigger then recycling and braver then holding signs. It is up to each and everyone of us that center the rights of indigenous people. Healing injustice for the next 7 generations. It is time for us all to reconnect with mother earth, it is time to remember how to listen to her, to guide our climate solutions.

Destroy white supremacy!!!

“I have come to think that the climate crisis is another form of environmental racism and apartheid”

“How many more lives must we loose, for the world to take action. Which type of storm, or what flavor of flood must Africa test for us to get climate justice?”

“Nightmares of our own future, which is being negotiated right now by the world leaders without our say. Same way it is being destroyed by the same fossil fuel industries funding and presenting at COP, even as I speak now”

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