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#Chile: The “Party of Order” closes its ranks from right to left

Chile. On December 4, the “vamos” (“go”, Enough 14)was given to one of the most repressive legislations this country has ever known. It is a direct attack on our class. It provides the ideal legal framework for the authorities to suffocate our present and future struggles. Or that is what they are trying to do.

Originally published by Vamos hacia la vida. Translated by Enough 14.

Once again, there was a cross-party agreement to safeguard your order of misery. Perhaps more disgusting is the adherence to this attack by the capitalist class on the part of the left, mainly from the already rotten Frente Amplio ( Wide Front). In little more than a month, our class has experienced firsthand what more than a century of struggles have had to suffer all over the world at the hands of their so-called representatives.

Boric, Jackson, and the rest of the sinister characters who signed up to make it easier to send us to jail, shoot us and kill us, are not traitors though. There is no longer any shadow of doubt about that. They are perfect subservient representatives of the capitalist class, and they have never been anything else. Yesterday, these beings with human carcasses, and their political cliques, have gone out to make cowardly excuses, saying that perhaps they made a mistake, poor little ones, naive in this matter of politics. Boric says shamelessly that his idea was to condemn looting, not “social protest”. What a vile character. In the first place, the current laws (which, in everything, we must never forget are already brutally repressive in as much as their function is to ensure the perpetuation of capitalist normality, that is, to ensure our exploitation avoiding at all costs any dismay) already punish looting. What the current repressive package specifically condemns is precisely the collective recovery and destruction of the capitalist infrastructure and its commodities -created by us, it is worth clarifying- in contexts of social revolt, of protest. In other words, it makes the punishment of an immanent expression of proletarian struggles harder (and it is not because of this that we romanticize it and understand it uncritically). He even says, insightfully, that some of the articles will be a tool to denounce police repression. of course. Imbecile.

That apparatus absurdly called “Democratic Revolution,” a sublime example of what is known as oxymoron, which in itself reveals the intellectual and ethical baseness of its militants, issues a statement in which it recognizes that it was an error to have approved the project in general because it “generates a confused signal” and distances them from the “feeling of the social majorities. In other words, they were wrong only because they did not know how to foresee the discredit they would suffer, not because they endorsed the hardening of the repression. It is the petty calculations in the matter of proselytism that concern this riffraff, they affirm it openly, not the blood that will be able to flow thanks to their diligent acting to the beat of the hardest right, that counts precisely nowadays with historical levels of rejection.

The P “C” (Communist Party), for its part, pretends to play at being consistent, knowing that its rejection is testimonial, and the bourgeois order that it has always defended as a party against the revolutionary will not be called into question, in the least by its apparent rejection of some openly reactionary and repressive political projects and pacts. But our memory is not so fragile. We do not forget that they are the apparatus of the counter-revolution par excellence throughout the world, much less their vile daily actions in all social spaces and days of protests, in which they have dedicated themselves to extinguishing all autonomous and rebellious initiatives, together with their parapolice work that has characterized them for years – not for nothing are they called “pacos de rojo” (red cops, Enough14) – beating and handing over comrades to the police. Their current mediocre radicality, and we say mediocre because this last repressive attack did not even count on their open “rejection,” but only on their pusillanimous abstention, we do not believe it today or ever.

Now that the commitment of this institutional and electoral left to defend the capitalist social order is more than evident, we must act accordingly. It is not at all a call for division and sectarianism, to affirm the need to expel the representatives of these political apparatuses from the social spaces created in the heat of the struggle, especially the territorial assemblies and demonstrations. It is just one of many other basic self-care measures. We cannot share spaces with those who work with our enemies to sign the laws that will imprison us and try to dismantle and disarm us in the face of the crazy police repression. It is elementary logic.

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