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Demonstration: After the Deadly Gunshots in #Wuppertal – Police Violence Affects Us All!

What follows is a call for a demonstration in Wuppertal (German territory) after the deadly police gunshots on December 7: Police violence affects us all!

Submitted to Enough 14 in German. Translated by Enough 14.

Dear friends,

On Friday the 13.12. there will be a demonstration against police violence. We meet at 05:00 pm (17:00) at Geschwister Scholl Platz in Wuppertal-Barmen (next to C&A) from there we will march to the scene where it all happened.


The call:

Last Saturday (07.12.19) a 25 year old from Wuppertal was shot down by police in the Wichlinghausen district. The man died a little later from his injuries.
What happened? At the moment many people, including us, are asking themselves this question. According to the media, the 25-year-old is said to have destroyed some car mirrors with a hammer. After the arrival of police officers of the Wuppertal police the further course of events becomes unclear. What is certain, is that the young man was shot by the police officers with three bullets into his body and died a short time later. The clarification of facts is difficult, police and state prosecutor’s office keep a low profile. Residents report about the man lying on the ground. Around him there are police officers who do not provide first aid. This raises many questions:

Are they the same officers who have shot before, who are standing there around him?
Why is there no first aid, or why is it given so late?
Why is the police shooting, was there no other way to deal with the situation?
Were the officers really attacked with a hammer?
Couldn’t they have protected themselves differently?
How often have they been shooting and from what distance?
Was there a warning shot in the air before?
Wouldn’t a shot in the leg have stopped an attack in an emergency?
What do the police officers learn how to behave in such a situation?

For the time being, these questions remain open, and the events continue to cause incomprehension.
But it is not only in Wuppertal that people have died in the recent past as a result of police operations. Similar situations also occurred in Essen in mid-June, when a 32-year-old man was killed by police bullets. In this case, too, it is extremely uncertain whether it was an appropriate self-defence reaction: video recordings of the event suggest that the man was shot through a front door. (German: and )

This “trend” scares us. Not only because of countless unsuccessful raids with the aim of intimidation – now we have to reckon with losing our lives because of offences like property damage.
Is this the “new” police under NRW Interior Minister Reul and does our police president Röhrl accept this without comment and elaborate? Is this what the Law and Order Strategy looks like, which is now becoming common practice here in NRW?

We mourn for the person who died and express our condolences to his friends and relatives. We will not be accept this situation in Wuppertal and NRW. A police force that recklessly use their guns and shoots more and more people has no place in our society. We demand a complete clarification and answers to the open questions. We also demand a curbing of the Law and Order policy here in Wuppertal and throughout NRW. If we continue to accept these conditions, it will be will soon look gloomy here. We don’t want to live in a democracy where it becomes “normal” for people to be shot with levity.

We call for a demonstration on Friday December 13th to express our concern and resentment about the current situation. We meet at 05:00 pm (17.00) at Geschwister-Scholl-Platz in Wuppertal (Barmen district). From there we march together to Eintrachtstraße, the place where the young person was shot down.

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