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Danish emergency worker Salam Aldeen has been arrested in #Greece

Press release from Team Humanity Denmark

It’s happened again! Danish emergency worker Salam Aldeen has been arrested in Greece on charges of “public threat” because he works as a humanitarian emergency worker in Lesbos, where there is currently 20,000 refugees. Salam Aldeen has been detained and will be imprisoned until he is deported from Greece.

Originally published by Team Humanity and Salam Aldeen Facebook page and Facebook profile.

“Being imprisoned for being a relief worker in a European country is one of the most insane things I have heard,” said Team Humanity President Helle Blak, and continues, “The new government in Greece still needs help dealing with the massive challenges and it does not prevent refugees from arriving that the police are harassing and deporting humanitarian relief workers. ”
Salam Aldeen has previously been charged with humantrafficking while working as a lifeguard in Lesbos. In May 2018, he was acquitted of all charges in a Greek court, but has since the release experienced repeated attempts by the authorities to have him quit his job as a relief worker.
At present, Salam Aldeen is being detained by police. The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is notified.

Facebook Video made by Salam Aldeen shortly after he was arrested on Tuesday: ” Getting arrested and they told me I am going to be deported out from Greece this is insane I need all the help right now I can get “

Update by Team Humantity from Decmber 12:


Dear all followers. We have just arrived in Lesbos and we have been at the prison and visit Salam Aldeen. He is still imprisoned and authorities claim he poses a national security threat … because he is a humanitarian relief worker who distributes clothing, warm blankets and food to the many starving and freezing refugee children in Moria camp. Salam Aldeen is in good courage and many thanks for your support. Authorities will deport Salam and give him entry bans for at least 2 years. We ask for your continued support for Salam and Team Humanity. We have lawyers on the case who work 24 hours a day. We have fresh energy in our center. We never give up. We need financial support to pay for the lawyers and we need you to share our message with friends, politicians, the media and others who can help us help Salam and Team Humanity.
Love from Hans, Helle and all the many volunteers from Team Humanity

#FreeSalamAldeen #SavingLifeIsNotACrime

Go Fund me page for legal costs:

DK followers can use MobilePay 13319

Update by Team Humantity from Decmber 14:

*** New Update ***

Today it has been 4 days since the authorities put Salam Aldeen in jail. He is detained because, as a humanitarian relief worker, he obviously poses a national security threat?????
We find it extremely sad but also extremely worrying that emergency workers are being criminalized because of their humanitarian efforts. We are working at high pressure to get Salam released and to avoid him being expelled of Greece. Team Humanity keep on working tiredlessly even though we miss our strong fixed rock in our center. It is raining heavily in Moria and several tents collapsed tonight. We have brought many refugees to safety and our center has been converted into emergency kitchens and shelter for the most needy. Camp Moria sails in water and waste. Many children suffer. We continue the work because nobody flees for fun.
Love from Hans, Helle and the volunteers of Team Humanity

#FreeSalamAldeen #SavingLifeIsNotACrime

Go Fund me page for legal costs:

DK followers can use MobilePay 13319

Petition for the release of Salam Aldeen:

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