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Meet Commander Mark Groom, A Look Inside the WI 3% Militia, Part II

This is Part 2 of “A look inside the WI 3% militia. You will find part 1 here.

Submitted to Enough 14. Image above Wisconsin 3% militia commander Mark Groom was clearly not happy with his so called ‘Well Regulated Militia’ His day consisted of commanding his members to stand down and preventing violence by his own members

Meet Commander Mark Groom, A Look Inside the WI 3% Militia, Part II

“We will not kneel, we will empty every magazine. We will fix bayonets, even if we have to die and lose every last ounce of blood on the field.”

-Unknown Speaker from the 3% militia, We Will Not Comply rally Madison, Wi 11/2/2019

The above quote was echoed from a live PA system all across downtown Madison to a crowd of 3% militia members who gathered at the state capitol building from all across the country. They completely fear the new proposed red flag laws which will hold them accountable for their personal actions, for their hateful rhetoric, and antisocial behavior. They also have a hyperbolic fear of Antifa, it was very clear in the weeks and days running up event as they posted online about the potential for oppositional efforts, there was almost a gleeful tone about it, it’s clear that while they fear us, many also relish the opportunity for a confrontation and look forward to the opportunity to try and cause problems and/or hurt people. On the day of the event, multiple members of the 3% militia attempted to block and escalate confrontation with members of various antifascist groups who also gathered from all across the state.

Many members of the 3% militia, along with some of their supporters, joined in sexually harassing two members of Antifa who were in attendance who were minors. It was obvious these members were young and even after it was made clear that these members were underage, these 3% continued with their sexual harrassment, they would not be persuaded to leave them alone unless they presented an ID to prove that they were in fact, underage. They were ultimately more concerned with gaining right wing YouTube/Facebook grifter clout and being able to get content for the constant videos they were filming on body cams and cell phones than they were with respecting bodily autonomy, consent, gender identity, and the boundaries of personal space. Any of the people filming these underage Antifa members would be quick to call someone filming an underage person and screaming about their genitals pervert or a pedophile. But when it comes to people they don’t like, it seems that their rights and respect for their bodies no longer matter. The hypocrisy on display is stunning but not surprising.

On November 2nd at the We Will Not Comply rally in Madison WI. Mark Groom seemed desperate to have a sit down with Antifa. He claimed he wanted to discuss issues and try to find common ground. Groom was witnessed stating that he was the “top commander of the WI 3% militia.” One member of Antifa declined Grooms invitation but Groom continued to press. Antifa stated that they will never sit with the 3% militia due to New York and Pennsylvania 3% Light Foot militia and their presence and actions in Charlottesville. Antifa stated that it would go a long way to having a sit down if the WI 3% denounced Light Foot’s actions and Groom agreed, but Groom has yet to follow up.

A conversation took place online with an Anonymous Wisconsin Patriot (AWP) AWP stated that Groom is a habitual liar and can not be trusted. AWP also stated that Groom is not the commander of the 3% militia and that he only runs one group in Southwest Wisconsin and that there are five or six other groups who Groom does not command. AWP also said that Mark Groom is known to be violent and has displayed violent tendencies in the past. AWP also stated (again) that Groom is a fraud, a habitual liar and he has shown fanaticism, and that those who follow him have Stockholm syndrome.

AWP stated that Groom lied to him about his military service and threatened to kill someone because they questioned his group tactics and that he doesn’t like his supposed authority questioned.

The military service lie was alarming so more questions were raised. AWP stated that Groom proclaimed to be a member of the Rangers as a sniper and was trained as a medic, “as a former military I (AWP) can say there is no instance of that ever happening.” AWP said that Groom offered to have his DD-214 looked at but when the time came he (Groom) said that he could not get into his safe and has not been able to for six years even though that it is known that Groom allowed another person to look at his DD-214 just one month prior. AWP also stated that Groom was caught back in 2016-17 talking to the FBI and that a member of his group was raided by the ATF recently. Again AWP stated that Groom should never be trusted and that he is very far right. AWP also said that Mark Groom is a complete coward.

AWP stated that Mark Groom threatened a friend of his with great bodily harm for questioning his military service, as well as how he was running his militia. He got very angry when he was questioned about his firearms experience and what he brought to the table as the supposed commander of the 3%ers of Wisconsin. He doesn’t like it, and raises his voice in an attempt to feel superior. AWP also said that other members of Grooms militia are shady, can’t be trusted, and that they display the same tendencies as Mark Groom.

Statement from Fox Antifa, Appleton Den and Youth Liberation Front, Madison WI: “On November 2nd at the 3% militia, We Will Not Comply Rally, a younger comrade and myself received much harassment over gender. I myself was holding a transgender pride flag at the time and walked over to my colleague. There I found an older lady demanding to know the younger colleagues gender. She was recording the entire thing and kept asking what was in the comrade’s pants. I stepped in at this point and told her to back off. Then she started yelling remarks such as ‘I have a pussy and that the comrade should see it’ You could clearly tell that our comrade was underage. I asked her politely to stop at first and then she started harassing our comrade more and more about what was in her pants and kept stating that there are only two genders nonstop.”

Fox Antifa gathered and being recorded by far right live streamers while holding an Antifascist Action Pride flag

Members of the 3% militia were in absolute and complete hysteria with Antifa’s presence at this event even though Antifa showed up with a clear progun message, the intent to meet fellow working class folk on the level, and displayed no intent of violence or disruption.

The hysteria about the presence of peacefully assembled antifascists hung so thick in the air that the heavily armed militia felt the need to surround Antifa the entire day even though they had Antifa outnumbered ten to one.

The Following Statements are from MDTT, Midwest Defensive Tactical Team

Our blog team asked a local AntiFascist group from the Fox Valley if they could attempt to obtain statements not only from their local Antifascist groups but also from any WI militia groups who would give information on the 3% militia. They complied and they were highly successful. Below will be questions asked and answered in a now 7 day conversation that took place with MDTT

MDTT made it clear that they were no longer members of the WI 3% militia. Several of them left the militia because the 3% new policies and views no longer aligned with their own. One member of MDTT stated “if you want to talk to someone who is reasonable, then I’m definitely your guy. I’m definitely willing to answer and discuss whatever”

MDTT stated: “While the constitutional goals are still the focal point of the 3% community, focus has also shifted to the violence of what the larger anti-fascist groups are doing (blocking roads, attacking individuals for their political affiliation, occasional riots, property damage, etc) The 3% has essentially declared this type of activity as domestic terrorism, and is willing to stand against it and even push back when the time is right. A great majority of the 3% believe that the nation is so divided, that the only inevitable outcome is an all out civil war. Now, as I stated before, there are, and will continue to be individuals who are in fact racist and supremacist who will align themselves within these patriot groups because they see themselves as patriots, but also as a superior race.”

MDTT stated that, “…after the N2 security meeting, we cut all ties to the Wisconsin 3%. We’ve learned that every time we get close to them, there is always a conflict or some level of drama that doesn’t allow us to maintain discipline and order.”

 Please also read Meet Jon Lawrenz, A Look Inside the WI 3% militia: Part One

Please stay tuned for Part 3: Infiltration and Racism, A Look Inside the WI 3% Militia. We saved the best for last. Part 3 will consist of information regarding Federal Law Enforcement infiltration of the WI 3% militia as well as racist tendencies within the militia as a whole and some enlightening information about their poor security culture.

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