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Report by Anarchists on the Revolt in #Chile: November 29-December 6

Brief reports on the revolt in Chile (November 22-December 06) Reports written and spread on social networks.

Originally published by Noticias de la Guerra Social. Translated by Abolition Media Worldwide.

November 29th

42nd Social Revolt Day


“We are facing a powerful and implacable enemy, who does not respect anything or anyone. He doesn’t respect the lives of human beings, he doesn’t respect our heroes.” The phrase is repeated again and again by the President of the Republic, this time at an early graduation of police.

FEAR is one of the most powerful weapons of power, so it continues to encourage a climate of paranoia to demobilize and divide the oppressed.

The State redoubled its efforts to approve its “Anti-hooded Law.” Piñera points to Anarchists, Barras Bravas [organized supporters of football teams] and drug traffickers as a coordinated trident that unleash violence.

The media plan is to exacerbate the coverage of looting of small stores. The capitalist press launches a powerful emotional charge to delegitimize the Social Revolt.

There is an obvious complicity (by action or omission) between the police, home owners and traffickers, individuals without codes who are not interested in those who are harmed by their actions.

Undoubtedly, private property is part of what we want to destroy, but today our objectives are full of strategic symbolism. If the attack on any premises needs explanation, it is not symbolic enough.

A provisional solution would be “self-defense committees,” but our inexperience and ineffectiveness in these practices allow the “yellow vests” to begin to arm themselves with an undeniable fascist affinity. Let the militia return to the street! It is the speech repeated by the lovers of the neoliberal system, although in their pockets the bills have always shone by their absence.

The unfortunate reality is that capitalism is so internalized in a percentage of oppressed and exploited that merchandise and its places of supply are more important than the lives of other beings. Work, money and consumption are a superior good than well over a hundred people who have mutilated eyes.

But another part of the population has already realized the state plan and they denounce it every time they have the opportunity.

Personally, I don’t remember how many times I’ve cried watching videos of children who are shot or without eyes. I don’t remember one day without the anguishing sensation of knowing that at some point in Chile someone is suffering from police brutality or that inside a police station they are torturing and raping.

On the seventh Friday of the Revolt, and after two days with low activity, the “Plaza de la Dignidad” was replenished and the feminist performance “A rapist in your path” is carried out in a massive way in the zero zone. It expands nationally, globally and becomes viral. So much so that it manages to overshadow the governmental discourse of fear. A giant canvas is deployed calling for the resignation of Piñera and Minister Plá.

Unidentified people burn the statue of the “Black Matapacos,” icon of the Rebellion. On the foundation, people build another with flowers.

The clashes between minions and hooded ones continue with a lot of fireworks.

In Concepción, the police use stun grenades that disorient because of the flashes of light they emit when activated, and the loud noise of the explosion temporarily affects hearing.

The car of the Minister of Health is attacked and has to be guarded by the police. Minister Plá was also booed by protesters.

A detainee in Vina del Mar for carrying and launching Molotov bombs is investigated for possession of explosive material. Yesterday, there was a concentration in solidarity with the prisoners of the social war on the outskirts of the center of (in)justice; gendarmes close the place.

You feel tired, but we don’t give up.

May insurrectional propaganda remain present at every roadblock!


December 2

45th Social Revolt Day


Using unemployment as a weapon sharpens the campaign of economic terror, it is no longer enough to instill the fear of “Narcos, Anarcos and Barras Bravas.” Now they release the ghosts of the recession and logically blame the Social Revolt: “If we don’t stop the protests, investment will stop” threatens the President of the Confederation of Production and Commerce.

The Imacec fell to -3.4% and the forecast is 10% unemployment by January 2020. In an illusory promise, the Government announces the creation of 100 thousand jobs and in another brazen mockery, the congress approves that the minimum liquid salary rises from 288 thousand to 301 thousand, just 13 thousand pesos more. Those are the crumbs that power proposes, they keep laughing in our faces…

The oiled machinery of the State works in an accelerated way and further improves its repression. The Chamber of Deputies approves the “Anti Barricades Law” and “Anti Pillages” which are actually laws against protests, increasing jail sentences, bordering on the absurd. The entire political spectrum voted in favor, from the UDI to the Frente Amplio and the PC. A painful slap to those who naively call to use the tools of power to “change the system from the inside.” Do you still believe in elections as a “form of struggle?”

The United States announces, now without any scruple, the “aid” to Latin American governments so that popular uprisings do not occur.

The uniformed police confirm the purchase of more armored cars with gas and water launchers. In Valparaiso they parade with their anthem while some police officers perform the Nazi salute…

The clashes between hooded ones and minions continue. The walls are an open museum of the Social Revolt, passers-by admire the talent and originality of posters and graffiti.

Everyday, groups of students continue to encourage evasion in subway ticket offices…

In the neighborhoods they continue to resist and the barricades do not stop burning.

At night, there are strong clashes in the town of Yungay; there are many wounded and attacks on the police station.

In Copiapo, a someone left an armored water launcher disabled and sabotaged the spout.

Four private police cars were vandalized in Peñalolen…

We continue to vandalize conformity!


We don’t give up …

6th of December

50th Day of Social Revolt


Who would have said … It goes 50 days!

Some predicted that the Social Revolt was dying slowly. But the Government in complicity with the parliament threatened “with the pains of hell” those who continued to protest. That triggered the opposite effect and people returned to the street.

And they came back with the rage of those who know that in this fight you cannot trust political parties and you only have yourself, and that you also join us, and be one of us.

On this seventh Friday of Social Revolt, hatred was directed against the Frente Amplio [coalition of “left wing” political parties] and its pathetic plea for forgiveness for the anti-protest vote. That is why last night militants attacked the headquarters of one of their coalition parties: “Democratic Revolution.”

A group of people from La Legua [neighborhood in Santiago] give away lunches, stylists give haircuts and a little further, in a special chair, they offer massages for demonstrators. The beautiful thing is that everything is without a monetary exchange. Solidarity and mutual support remains one of the pillars of these fifty days.

In other parts of the zero zone, the confrontations between hooded ones and minions are violent…

With a giant hooded sling they throw rocks at the cops. Shields with circle As, among others, protect those who resist the onslaught of the weaponized arm of capital.

Under the mummification to the police, the uniformed men had retreated behind a trench of sandbags. Hooded ones removed their trench and appropriated the material for their own.

The liquid launched by the armored fire hydrant is dangerously toxic, wet protesters get naked because their clothes literally burn their skin. The chemical weapons used are of a power never seen before. They report that pepper gas reaches at least the seventh floor of buildings near zone zero.

There is a greater presence of anarchist propaganda, several banners and anarchist flags. On the walls, posters of the Revolutionary Propaganda Group (GPR) and a mural of Alexandros Grigoropoulos stand out.

In the Mall Costanera Center, the other emblematic place of the Santiago protests, hundreds of people manage to enter and march inside the mall. Outside there are demonstrations that are repressed by the police. Numerous incendiary barricades burn down Providencia Avenue, the largest in the corners of P. De Valdivia, Los Leones, and Miguel Claro. In that last corner a reactionary threatened the protesters with a knife and then kicked those who set up a barricade. The counter attack was blunt, he was beaten and left unconscious, the police guarded him until an ambulance took the law-loving citizen.

At night, there are attacks on police stations in Central Station and La Granja. In the last two, police are shot. As a response, tanks shoot at the population. Yes tanks!

In Concepción, civilian PDI agents infiltrate the marches and detain hooded ones launching incendiary bombs. In the same city, the police beat a well-known violinist and broke his instrument. In La Serena, fascists attack the tomb of Romario Veloz, killed by the militias during the curfew…

The painful official figures to date report at least 11,000 people injured, 352 with eye damage, 41 murders, 121 missing, 600 tortured, 12 raped and a hundred sexually abused. We know that unfortunately the number is much higher. The number of those detained and prosecuted cannot be specified, but the number in pretrial detention borders the 1900s. So much suffering is not in vain, that the word revenge comes true.

In Macul, they vandalize and break the tires of three private police cars.

The call is out to evade at all metro stations on Monday the 10th.

We have clear objectives and our actions seek to crack your oppressive system, our smiles want their collapse.

For the brotherhood in war and the creation of a community of struggle!


Honor to Alexandros Grigoropoulos (Greece), this is also going for you …

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