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#Athens: 3 more evictions in #Koukaki district. Cops terrorized neighbours

Athens. Greek police evicted 3 more squats in the Koukai district this morning (December 18). Neighbours were terrotized by the cops, some of them were also arrested. On Exracheia square the Nea Demokratia regime put up a Christmas tree. Tonight there will be an emergency meeting in the Gini building in Athens. A short report.

Published by Enough 14. Written by various Twitter accounts and Riot Turtle.

After yesterdays eviction of the Kouvelos squat in the northern suburb Marousi, riot cops evicted 3 squats in the Koukai district this morning.

Immediately after the evictions started, there were first spontaneous protests:

During this mornings eviction, a whole family was arrested (picture above and video below) and their home was raided:

The treatment of these neighbours was not a single incident. The cops enjoy the support of the Nea Demokratia regime and also used violence against a person who sold selfmade jewellery in the Koukai district.

At the same time the regime is trying to tighten their grip on Exarcheia. Last night Cops on motorbikes raided Exarcheia square and were driving through the neighbourhood. Thgis morning the regime put up a christmas tree on Exracheia square.

Tonight there will be an emergency meeting in Gini (Polytechnic, Exarcheia) at 18:00 (06:00pm, local time) about the events of today.

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