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#Marousi / #Athens: Villa #Kouvelos evicted!

Athens. Yesterday in the early morning hours the Villa Kouvelos in Marousi was evacuated. On Monday, the ruling party Nea Demokratia (ND) announced the evacuation of another 28 squats by the end of the year.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

Today ( December 17, 2019, Enough 14), the Villa Kouvelos in Marousi (northern district of Athens) was evacuated in the early hours of the morning by strong state terrorist forces (police). The empty and dilapidated building was occupied by anarchists in April 2010 and rapidly developed into a supra-regionally known social-cultural centre (comparable to an Autonomous Center), which enriched the district with concerts, lectures, discussions, political events, etc.

The villa was also the target of attacks by right-wing groups such as the Golden Dawn. In the north of Athens, Villa Kouvelos was an institution and its evacuation is a catastrophe for the neighbourhood from a cultural point of view alone, leaving behind a social and cultural desert – similar to the evacuation of Villa Zografou. As far as is known, there is also no special reason for the evacuation, there are no plans to use the building or sell the land. The eviction is therefore a purely populist act.

A few minutes after the arrival of the cops at 7:30 a.m., residents gathered in front of the building to express their solidarity. Flyers were distributed and the meeting of the city council of “Nea Dimokratia”, mainly responsible for the eviction, was disturbed. A spontaneous demonstration was called at 6 p.m., attended by about 300 people. The demonstration went loudly through the neighbourhood, slogans were sprayed and some banks were mashed.

Yesterday ( December 16, 2019, Enough 14) ND announced the eviction of 28 more squats by the end of the year, which after the events in Exarcheia and the evictions so far is tantamount to another declaration of war against the scene, alternative life and all progressive people in Greece. A foretaste of the reaction has already been given in the last few days, with minor attacks throughout the city – and a clear warning on December 6 with 12,000 anarchists in front of parliament.

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