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#Exarcheia: Statement about the war against squats on the Greek territory

Statement about the war against squats on the Greek Territory by Rouvikonas, Anarchist Federation of Athens and Popular Antifascist Action. This leaflet was spread during a spontaneous intervention in the Kolonaki neighbourhood (Athens).

Originally published by Autonomies.

Athens: Massive intervention in the streets of Kolonaki


There is a completely false belief that Exarchia is an area on the map bordered by Patision, Alexandra, Charilaou Trikoupi streets and the hills of Steki. In fact, there is today an area of the city called Exarchia, where for decades there has been a partial territorialisation of radical political movements, an excessive accumulation of organised or spontaneous political and cultural negations. But this is a product of history, and history is being redefined. Nothing guarantees that Exarchia will remain where it is, either alone or with the same size forever. And when we write Exarchia between quotation marks, we do not want to speak of the neighbourhood, but of a political phenomenon: a territorial centre of overcrowded negations in the metropolis.

This should not be misinterpreted. At the moment, Exarchia, as it is on the map, is of particular importance. The State, if it wishes to pay the costs, can quickly close social centres with its squadrons. … [But what will be won is not the Exarchia of today.]

However, recognising that “Exarchia” expresses a historical reality, we are obliged to expand our horizons. It is clear that the repressive and “communicative” attack by the State plays a role in this. But this is not all. We have to look elsewhere, if we don’t return, to be able to take a step forward. An excessive centre of negation is not an end in itself.

To defend Exarchia, on the one hand, and to extend Exarchia to other neighbourhoods, on the other, and not only for reasons of necessity, but as a strategic choice …

This struggle will last years and years. To reach the most militant elements of the base in the name of the base is short work. When the world begins to follow the path, when the capital of peace offered by Syriza (left-wing party) is consumed and that of New Democracy (right-wing party) is consumed, the terms will be reversed because the conflict will reveal its true dimension; but not as a between the Right and the world of social struggle, but a conflict between the social base and the State, a conflict of workers against capital.

We will be there, Exarchia will be there.

It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon …


Anarchist Federation of Athens

Popular Antifascist Action

[The text above is a partial translation of a text signed by the organisations cited above. It is however a translation of a translation (from portuguese), and should therefore be read with some caution.]

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