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#NOWEF: Worldwide resistance – United in class struggle

Call for the No WEF demo 2020 in Berne, Swiss territory.

Originally published by Barrikade Info. Translated by Enough 14.

All information about the demo and the supporting program can be found -> here (German).

Call – NO WEF: Worldwide resistance – United in class struggle

Demonstration: January 18, 2020, 15:00 (03:00pm Bahnhofplatz (square in front of the main train station) Berne Swiss territory

The WEF is standing just around the corner and we are looking back on turbulent months. At the beginning of 2019, the climate protests have gained more and more momentum and have partly developed in a system-critical direction. When Bolsonaro took office in Brazil, the rainforest was released for burning and the indigenous population for being shot. International companies, including those praised by the WEF as the saviour of world peace, are exploiting people and the environment in the Amazon as a result of the debilitation of the protected areas – with catastrophic consequences. The area burnt in June this year increased by 88% compared to last year. An increase that is unlikely to occur in nature without human intervention. But Brazil’s indigenous people are not giving up their beloved habitat without a fight and the attacks by Brazil’s racist ruling class have only strengthened their will for freedom and justice.

Since last year, the streets in France have been burning regularly in response to the cuts in social services and the implacable fight that the French government is waging against marginalised groups. But most of all people take the streets and fight back because they want change. The French state reacted with a wave of repression, which particularly affected Gilets Noir, an alliance of sans-papiers(people without papers, Enough 14) who demonstrated for their rights with occupations among other things. They are ignored by the media, brutally beaten up by the police, and yet they continue to fight against the inhuman treatment they are subjected to.
The Gilets Jaunes are also facing enormous reprisals. Countless people have had their eyes shot out, their hands blown off or fatal injuries inflicted. Nevertheless, Saturday after Saturday thousands of people take the streets all over France to continue fighting.

At the beginning of October, events begin to take a turn for the worse. Rojava is attacked by the fascist regime of Erdogan. NATO member Turkey bombs homes, hospitals, schools and the water supply. The jihadist militias who do the dirty work for Erdogan are in no way inferior to Daesh in their ideology and brutality. Beheading, looting, murdering and raping, they push the civilians living in Rojava out to create an ethnically cleansed “security zone” on the border between Syria and Turkey. But the resistance against the invasion comes out of the middle of Rojava society and is massive. People are gathering for mass protests against the occupiers, despite the reckless bombing of Turkish planes and drones. The fighters of the Women’s and People’s Defense Units (YPJ/YPG) and their allies make sure that the fascist invaders have to pay with a lot of blood for every centimeter of ground they steal. The project of self-organisation and women liberation in Rojava is in its darkest hour, but they will not give up. The years in which the Democratic Federation of Northern and Eastern Syria already exists have shaped society and the invaders will not be able to destroy this progress.

Almost at the same time it starts to burn on the other side of the world. In Chile, an increase in the price of public transport in Santiago de Chile is driving people into the streets. Even though the government quickly withdrew the price increase, the fire was already lit and the people realized that they can make a difference if they are many and fight back. The repressive apparatus shaped by the fascist Pinochet dictatorship reacted with fierce violence. Fatalities, torture and abuse are the result. In Chile, the nursery of neo-liberalism, the ugly consequences of ultra-capitalist liberal policies are being shown. While Chile’s economic figures give the impression that the country is doing well, most people have almost nothing and earn not enough to survive.
The WEF seems to perceive the movements as a serious threat to itself. They want to present themselves as a platform where the world’s problems can be discussed and solved with allegedly all interest groups.

But it is clear that oppressors are not an interest group with whom a dialogue should be conducted. They must be fought! That the WEF does not live up to its seemingly solution-oriented facade should be clear to everyone. The WEF does not find the solutions to the conflicts of our time, but creates the problems. The main guests of the forum are the perpetrators of oppression and have no interest in ending their rule and its consequences. Last year’s freedom struggles have shown us that people are fed up with domination from above and want to organize their lives themselves. The class struggle is organized from below and led upwards and this is its greatest strength. We must unite our resistance and unite in class struggle. Another world is not only possible, but necessary!

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