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From the struggles in #Chile, #France, #Iran, #Lebanon, Chiapas & #Rojava: Baba Noel came to Notara 26 in #Exarcheia

Athens, Greek territory. Yesterday night Baba Noel arrived to our refugee squat (Notara 26, Enough 14). He didn’t came from North Pole but from Chile’s barricades, from the strikes in France, from the demonstrations for life and freedom in Iran, from the smokes of Lebanon, from the revolted communities of Chiapas and Rojava.

Originally published by Notara 26 Facebook page. Slightly edited by Enough 14.

He traveled in every corner of the world, where people are struggling against oppression and exploitation, to manage to arrive to our house. He is not christian, neither muslim. He detests fascism, racism, sexism, homophobia and every condition that segregates, classifies and evaluates our lives.

He is not recognizing borders and nationalities. He only recognizes children’s smiles and stars of disobedience. He was carrying with him a sac full of gifts, that was not made from the fabric of commercialization, consumerism and philanthropy but from a fabric of coexistence and love from below. He distributed his gifts and for a while we all became children again.

We said goodbye to him by shouting No Pasaran all together. This community of self-organization and solidarity that we created 4 years ago, is our own miracle that we will let no one destroy.


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