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We are everywhere – Greetings to #Liebig34 from #Chile – Courtdate postponed

Berlin. The Liebig 34 courtdate from 12/16 got again postponed to january. Reasons and exact date are not clear yet. We will inform you when we get more news. Stay tuned! Here is a solidarity message from Chile.

Originally published by Liebig 34.

Solidarity from Chile

We are everywhere – Greetings to Liebig34 from Chile

Dear Companer@s in Berlin,

With all the Fire of our Hearts, we send you Greetings from the Centre of the Riots of the Lands dominated by the chilean State. As you maybe know, we having hard Times in this part of the World. We Anarchists are concerned about this huge Repression we experience now. We know how the Police usually acts and we always knew it. But to see this, with our own Eyes is something different, dozens of injured People, bleeding, screaming and crying is terrible to Witness. We see our Comrades falling with their Eyes destroyed by Perdigon Bullets. They will never see the new World we are building now, we are having have difficult Times.
But who does not in this Times of Misery?

As Anarchists we know, when we take position in a social War against Capitalism it could end up in Prison. Nobody said it will be easy, but our Hearts are full of Love.
Freedom and Solidarity keep us strong.

You should know, in these hard Times our Minds and Hearts are with you.
We know how important it is to keep Places like this alive, away from a capitalist Culture as Centre of Resistance, as more than a Alternative to a bourgeois Culture that seeks to change Rebellion into a commercial something.
Some Years ago, the Anarchist Scene were Hit by a huge Wave of Repression.
We lost a most Squats and Projects in massive Evictions. Now almost then Years later we still live the Consequences. Maybe we weren‘t ready to confront the Situation. Maybe we didn‘t know how stick together when our Comrades were arrested and put in Prison. We assuming our Mistakes as Consequences in a continous revolutionary learning Process. It‘s difficult to keep the counter Culture alive without any Infrastructure and Resources. It‘s difficult but not impossible.

Bastards like Gijora Padovicz exist ewerywhere. Bastards who Profit of the need to have a Place to live. Our deep Hate to them. It‘s hard to fight of course, but we are everywhere and we are fucking angry. They have the Money and Security, but we have our Hearts, our Hands and our Minds, and most important we have ourselves. What we need is a bit Imagination, Will, and Love. We want to show you how important your Struggle is for us.
We send you here small Samples of our Solidarity. We are interested but also worried about what is happening right now in Berlin. A Fire is something little compared to the Rage of knowing how that our Spaces of Resistance are under attack no matter where they are.

This is a call to fight for Liebig 34. It is always necessary to share Experiences, Ideas and Feelings but the most beautiful Poetry we can share is real Action. Nobody is alone and nobody is forgotten. Our black hearts speak the same Language. All over the World.
Support, Solidarity and Love to Liebig and all the other threatened Projects. Stay together! Stay strong! No surrender. The only Fight you will loose is the one you didn‘t fight!
Be brave, be smart, resist! Our Governments need to know, no Eviction will be easy and it will cost them a lot, Material and personal Damage!

For Every Eviction A Riot!
One Struggle One Fight!!!
Smash The Capitalist System, Smash Patriarchy!
For the Anarchy Until Total Liberation!
Freedom For The Prisoners Of Social Wars All Over The World!!!

Your Anarchists
from the end of the World, Territory dominated by the Chilean State.
November 2019

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