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#Lesvos, #Greece: Salam Aldeen released from prison – Forced to leave Greece

Lesvos, Greece. On December 27, Salam Aldeen was released after 16 days in prison without charges. Greek authorities forced Salam to leave the country before the end of the year.

Originally published by Team Humanity Facebook page and Salam Aldeen Facebook profile. Edited by Enough 14.

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Team Humanity wrote on December 27 about his release: After 16 days in jail – without charges – Salam has finally been released. it was about time! Unfortunately, the Greek authorities have demanded that Salam leave Greece before the end of the year … in 3 days !!! We will continue to fight and we intend to find a substitute instead of Salam if the authorities maintain his deportation. Team Humanity is needed in Moria.

Salam Aldeen posted a statement and a video on his Facebook page:

This is probably my last live video from Moria camp, the authorities on this Island don’t want me and our Organization to help refugees, after 16 days in jail without any proof that I did anything wrong, they let me go only for 3 days so I can pack my things and leave, they want this people to suffer in Moria camp, this island have their own rules and the authorities do whatever they want to do without being accountable for the criminal activities they do, and by stoping me in helping pure people who surviving here only because of volunteers and organizations, the refugees will suffer more than ever, the authorities don’t want me to speak or document what is going on here so that’s why they are deporting me from Greece without any evidence or explanation that I did anything wrong.

Greece is suffering and we all know that but by deporting the volunteers and organization out of Greece will not make anything better, this will just make situation harder for refugees. 20,000 Refugees in Moria camp are living in worst conditions ever seen, mostly in summer tents and no heating system, food lines that take hours and only to get a small amount of food, the sick ones standing in line for hours just to be checked, doctors are doing everything they can but it’s so difficult when you have so many people in one camp, people are getting arrested without any reasons because the authorities just do whatever they want,

I have been witnessing so many crazy and insane things on this island, but I promise I will never forget the people who are in my heart forever the people who ran from war from hell just so they could be safe, people who I will fight for and do everything I can so we can get European country’s to start taking them so they can have a safe and better future, innocent people who didn’t choose to run but were forced to leave their homes and families and ran without looking back, this world is crying so please let us continue to fight against the injustice we will continue help refugees on the island our center will be open and we will help as long as we can, pray for refugees pray for us and support our fight.


Mobilepay: 13319

Today Salam Aldeen left Lesvos island. Team Humanity wrote: Salam Aldeen has left the building … the local authorities in Lesbos got their will. A major human rights defender and humanitarian relief worker has today been forced to leave his important job among people on the run, living under horrible conditions in the Moria camp. The truth is apparently not popular with the local authorities. In Greece, on the island of Lesbos, heroes are jailed and deported out of the country. We will continue to document the cruel reality and we will continue to fight for humanity. Team Humanity does NOT leave Moria camp … because we never give up. Thank you for your eternal struggle and efforts Salam. You will also return when the Greeks discover their own self-goals.
Best from chairman of Team Humanity – Helle Blak

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