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French territory: The strike must spread

French territory. The movement was able to last over time. It was possible to spend the Christmas holidays with an ever-growing mobilization. This is obviously a good sign, but it is still insufficient in the current balance of power. There is only one solution left: to extend the strike.

Originally published by Paris-Luttes. Translated by Enough 14.

Social movement remains popular

The strike funds that are filling up are a symptom of one thing: the movement is popular. Popular and anchored. Everybody understood that this strike was about about themselves. This popularity is an essential point for our social side. The majority support for the strike remains and we are not divided.

Image by Serge d’Igniazio

But still…

However, the more or less massive strike movements have so far been limited to specific sectors. It is clear that private companies have been affected, particularly on December 5. There were 5% strikers at Renault, for example, which is not ridiculous. We also know that there was a media blackout in order to conceal these strikes affecting the private sectors as much as possible. Nevertheless, it is only by extending the strike to the private sector that this strike will be victorious. Strategies with one or two sectors in struggle that are supposed to single-handedly carry the whole social movement are obviously losing. This is the one why we lost during the 2010 movement.

Extend the strike

Let’s be clear: it’s hard to strike. Hard when your boss is also your closest colleague, in small businesses. It’s hard when for years, the bosses of your company have invested a considerable amount of time in implementing anti-union strategies (in mass distribution, in construction, in reactionary companies such as L’Oréal, Disneyland, Servier or Ikea…). Nevertheless, we must have confidence in ourselves: the proletarians are angry. Angry, because they are thirsty for social justice. And it is on this thirst for social justice that we revolutionaries must rely. All revolutionary movements, or at least movements that have challenged the established order, have been a wave of surprise. So why not force the surprise?

Some ideas for possible shutdown

  • Spreading leaflets in front of hypermarkets and shopping malls in Île-de-France. There is no shortage of these in Île-de-France: Italie 2, Rosny 2, Paris Nord, etc.
  • Shutdown the major business centres in the morning (Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle, Disneyland, etc.). An idea of the targets can be found on the APUR data.
  • Continue the work to get people involved in the strike in Parisian train stations in the morning.
  • Promote and publish inter-professional meetings in your neighbourhood. Increase the number of posters, announcements, etc.
  • Multiply local actions, blockades, bordelization while continuing to be open to the people who will eventually undergo these actions and blockades.

The reform will be presented to the Council of Ministers on December 22. We still have time to build up the movement.

Let’s not leave teachers, railway workers and electricians alone.
Widen the strike and then let it spill over!
Bold, always bold!

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