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#NoWEF: SMASH WEF – War begins here! – Revolutionary bloc in #Zurich

Swiss territory. For 50 years, senior members of government from all over the world and representatives of the most important companies have been coming to Davos on invitation of Klaus Schwab. The World Economic Forum claims that it wants to change the world and do good by bringing important people together.

Originally published by Barrikade Info. Translated by Enough 14.

In reality, it is the largest lobbying organisation in the world, which brings together the interests of the most powerful global players, wraps them up in fine words and presents them as progressive program. The Forum takes place every year in wintery Davos – thanks to public funds militarily sealed off from critical voices and embedded in media partnerships that guarantee favourable reports. As strategic partners, the Forum brings the biggest climate sinners such as Saudi Aramco or BP, financial heavyweights such as BlackRock or Credit Suisse together with politicians such as Trump or Merkel in Davos. The list is long and the reasons to take to the streets against this forum are countless. The WEF is a prime example of liberal democracy: a ruling capitalist elite maintains class society and socio-economic patriarchy. The WEF is not progress, but rather cementing of the ruling conditions.

This year, the Forum is once again adorned with a chic goal: The Forum wants to strengthen the eroding international solidarity, it complacently says, and promises a sustainable world in the interest of community. A look at the guest list and at the Forum’s brochure shows that this year, too, these are nothing but empty words. The extent of the ever accelerating destruction of the world remains unmentioned and there is not a word about war and oppression in the whole declaration. The WEF unites warmongers and war profiteers equally. Trump has been announced again this year, and war profiteers such as BlackRock, the asset manager holding a stake in Rheinmetall, will host their own events.

And the people affected by war and exploitation? There is no place for them in the exclusive Davos Club – International solidarity as the exclusive right of the rich and powerful.

At the same time, the war of aggression of the Turkish army on Rojava, supported by the USA, continues. Rojava is in many ways the antithesis of the WEF in Davos. In recent years, the grassroots democratic, ecological, feminist project has created its realities against global power interests and against prevailing market mechanisms. While the Democratic Federation of Northern and Eastern Syria was completely ignored by many governments and international organizations, international solidarity on the streets for Rojava has been all the stronger and continues to grow. And this solidarity is needed more than ever. For even though the bourgeois media have largely stopped reporting, the suffering in the region is great. More than 300,000 people have had to flee and cities such as Tel Abyad or Sere Kaniye have been taken over by Turkey and its jihadist allies. With the kind assistance of the international ruling elite, Erdogan is now implementing the largest ethnically motivated resettlement plans of the recent past: one million people are to be resettled in 140 villages in the region.

But the resistance against war and for self-determination continues – in Rojava, as well as in Bern, Zurich and Davos. The WEF and its participants stand in sharp contrast to any form of solidarity. When they make their appearance in Davos, this cannot happen unanswered. Therefore, we call upon all people to take various (disruptive) actions before, during and after the WEF, banners and anything else that is visible, audible or disruptive. Let us be loud and uncomfortable.

International solidarity takes place on the streets, not in sealed back rooms. We support the existing mobilizations against the WEF, but we also want to increase the resistance on the streets of Zurich. We take the street as a revolutionary bloc at the January 22nd demonstration – without asking state authorities for permission, because our protest is also directed against them.

Meeting point Revolutionary Bloc: 18.00 (06:00pm), Demo Züri gägä WEF (Demo Zurich against WEF), at the Denkmal der Arbeit (Monument of work), Helvetiaplatz, Zurich, Swiss territory.

#riseup4rojava #womendefendrojava

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