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#Bern, Swiss territory: Communiqué New Year’s Eve Demo

On the night of New Year’s Eve on December 31, 2019, about 200 people took to the streets of Bern under the motto “Remain ungovernable – no law will stop us”. It was a first attempt to organize a New Year’s Eve demonstration in Bern. We wanted to make consistently and from the beginning of the new year clear that a new police law cannot intimidate us. Regarding the demo we would like to draw a self-critical conclusion. For example, fireworks were partly handled negligently. We also wanted a colourful and varied appearance, which we tried to achieve with colourful masks.

Originally published by Barrikade Info. Translated by Enough 14.

We marched through Bern in a solemn and militant mood. Numerous actions set further accents to the demo. A review of the year was shown on Bundesplatz. In addition, numerous signposts to the prison were put up. These were supplemented with information texts on various repressive events. On the Waisenhausplatz, where we also started the new year, we made a longer stop. There we remembered “Kilu” who lost his life at the Waisenhaus police station. We also drew attention to the unknown persons who died in the prison system.

We also recalled the numerous struggles for more freedom. For example, projects such as Fabrikool, Brunnmattstrasse, Zollikofen, Bitziusstrasse or the Osterhase family / Villa Wahnsinn disappeared this year. Other projects are also under increasing pressure, as the regular raids, fines and tightenings at the riding school show. In 2020 we want to get out of this defensive and fight for new spaces.

An increase in police violence is evident in various places around the world. In Chile, almost 40 people have died since the protests began. In Greece there is a real hunt against anarchists. In France the police, despite massive use of violence, do not manage to suppress the protests. We send solidarity greetings to all corners of the world, where people are revolting against the rulers. We take the courage and determination of these struggles as an example. Face the fear – fight state and police.

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