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Aotearoa / New Zealand: Fundraiser for the 2020 Tāmaki Anarchist Bookfair

A little bit of context
Tāmaki Makaurau Anarchists are excited to be hosting the first ever (as far as we know!) Anarchist Bookfair in Tāmaki Makaurau on the 27th and 28th of March at the Mount Albert War Memorial Hall! We will have nearly 20 workshops and talks, stalls, childcare, food and of course books. Possible topics will range from anarchist parenting to new forms of unionism to alternative media to playback theatre and mau rakau!

Originally published by Anarchists Worldwide.

We need your help
We’d love to get as many people as possible here for the bookfair and make it the best event it can be! For that, we need money. We are already arranging to fly some comrades up from Dunedin to the fair, and currently in discussions with some anarchists in Australia, Indonesia and the States to see whether we can help get them over. Any funds we raise will help us do that.

Where will the money go?
It will all go to helping anarchists in Aotearoa first and foremost get up here, then to anarchists overseas (if it’s a speaker we will most likely try and work with other organisations for a tour so the cost is spread amongst groups). Any leftover funds will go towards our fixed costs for the day (venue, food, equipment hire, etc.)

You can join us
We are hoping for $2,500 to make this a spectacular event though we acknowledge this may be optimistic! Whatever we can get will help us make the first ever Tāmaki Anarchist bookfair a big success 🙂


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