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#France: Dockers on strike in #Bayonne

In France, the movement against the new pension reform has been taking place since December 5th, 2019, and is getting stronger and stronger.

Originally published by Labournet TV.

Interview with docker and CGT general secretary Dylan:

Not only workers from the public sector are striking but also workers from the private sectors such as oil refinery workers and port workers. Dockers from several ports, including Le Havre, Marseille and Bayonne, went on strike on the 9th of January to protest against the reform. Because they do hard physical work, they are currently able to retire 3 years before the legal retirement age. This right they would lose if the reform is implemented. But they are also fighting in solidarity with the striking workers in the public sector and remind us: “This reform concerns everyone!” (from the video)

The dockers are planning new strikes and actions on the 14, 15 and 16th of January.

Donations to the strike fund:
FR76 1767 9004 3200 9444 8689 438

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