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#73: Radio Evasión—Dispatches from #Chile Part 4

Mauricio Fredes—Prisoner support—Anarchist assemblies—Support our documentary

Originally published by CrimethInc.

Just days into the new year, masked encapuchados circle-pitted while burning the church of the Carabineros. That’s how fierce the Friday protests continue to be. Action has somewhat (not entirely!) slowed down on the other days of the week, but anarchists have taken advantage of the extra time to pour energy into organizing: neighborhood assemblies, prisoner defense, and anarchist congresses. Students are burning their university entrance exams—a preview of what’s to come when the school year begins anew in February. We have interviews from the streets, from the anarchist congresses, and with an anarcho-syndicalist healthcare workers’ union. With everything going on, we feel like we have to leave the podcast behind and film a documentary. Check out our wishlist and get in touch if you can help us get the gear we need:

Table of Contents:

  • Help Us Make a Documentary! {:00}
  • Introduction {6:10}
  • December 1–13, 2019 {8:45}
  • Interview: Felíz 13.12 from Concepción! {18:45}
  • December 14–31, 2019 {35:15}
  • New Years Eve in Santiago {45:35}
  • Matías Catrileo Anniversary {58:10}
  • Students Rebel Against the University Entrance Exam {01:05:15}
  • Anarchist Assembly of the Bío-bío {01:08:30}
  • Interview with an Organizer {01:09:50}
  • Interview with a Mapuche Anarchist {01:20:00}
  • Valparaiso Anarchist Assembly {01:28:15}
  • Santiago Anarchist Congress {01:35:10}
  • Interview: Asamblea Libertaria De Santiago {01:36:05}
  • Interview: Grupo Solenopsis {01:42:40}
  • Interview: Grup Eco Anarquista {01:46:35}
  • October 18 Prisoner Defense Coalition {01:51:30}
  • Afusap – Anarcho-syndicalist Healthcare Union {02:08:50}
  • Poetry {02:15:05}
  • Outro {02:18:50}

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