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#Berlin: #Dorfplatz, January 19: Fire and extinguisher

During a bonfire at Dorfplatz in Berlin-Friedrichshain on Sunday evening there was a small confrontation with the police.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

First, the media reported what was thrown at them by the police. After that, “a fire at the scene location “Liebig34″ had occurred” and police officers had been attacked and injured. “Several officers were called out, because an electric scooter, junk and Christmas trees were on fire.”

According to information from local residents, it is not true that officers had to be deployed. “They wanted it that way”, said an unknown resident in conversation with the author. It is correct, however, that Christmas trees and electric scooters burned. While the burning of Christmas trees in January is an old tradition, sabotage or the removal of electric scooters and Uber-bikes from traffic is a rapidly spreading new phenomenon for which there are good reasons. These include the working conditions at suppliers such as Uber, but also criticism of the smartification of the city and the trend towards motorised individual transport, which is spreading into unimagined dimensions. “Soon, the yuppies will probably have their asses wiped with smart ass wiping robots, and will advertise it as an ecological revolution,” the anonymous resident says.

The police media reported that firefighters were attacked with fire extinguishing powder. Two officers were slightly injured. According to a police spokesperson, an unknown person sprayed fire-extinguishing powder in the faces of the two police officers and slightly injured them. Both suffered from shortage of breath.

The fact that it was “an unknown person” seems unlikely given the fact that, according to available information, the powder came from the entrance area of Liebig34 where, according to self-portrayal, no Cis men live. Experience in recent years has also shown that the police constantly portray themselves as victims, which is undoubtedly every single one of them. However, the use of fire extinguishers as a weapon is by its very nature only suitable for defensive purposes. Those who, like the police, are armed almost every day and stand or patrol (or even come to clear the houses in the northern district with hostile intent) have to expect reactions.

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