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Letter from Anarchist Prisoner Arrested in Revolt in #Chile

Santiago. Chile. “I consider this confinement to be a political prison” letter from an anarchist comrade imprisoned because of the revolt.

Originally published by Publicacion Refractario. Translated by Abolition Media Worldwide.

When analyzing any edge of the prison, one must first establish or rather, make its history and its purpose visible. We are the ones in the dump of this society, another instrument of oppression through the law to perpetuate the privilege of the class society, made by power in its image and likeness, the jail is like all the bad things in the tight system between cement walls.

The very existence of the jail is political, a gear that makes the machinery of death of the State roll, social control, intimidation, isolation, directed against whoever it is is necessary to exalt the triumphant values of the bourgeoisie: competition, submission, exploitation, harassment, bourgeois individualism, violence; all this reflects its worst face in this place.

Here the children of violence, poverty and ignorance are raised, a school of fear that maintains the lucrative prison business, being a product of domination will never have a reforming end, which proclaims with the voice of a prisoner sick with rage. Nothing good can be taken out of confinement and uniformity; therefore, the mere existence of the prison reflects the type of system that governs us, has the color it has, is adorned as it is adorned; the existence of the jail has a political aim; therefore, for whatever reason, all prisoners are political prisoners, because it transcends the filter of the law, which is the preferred son of power.

What to do with social cannibalism if there were no prisons? It is the question to dream…

Build the conditions so that it becomes unthinkable to rot the children of the people in jail. That said, we must also recognize that there are very few (even) of the deprived with a revolutionary consciousness and practice. The political field in which this place moves has changed a bit since the beginning of the revolt; in Santiago 1, a special module has been enabled where we are joined by protesters for using molotovs, fires, looting, assaults against large capitalists or repressive forces; these are the majority of the charges that they impute to us, but this is only the most recent history of the political prison, which in this country has a long history since the beginning of the existence of the Chilean State, which has swallowed and spit out millions of exploited that rebel, with the most diverse intentions. I think that all the prisoners are political prisoners, but not necessarily revolutionary. Even in this module, it is not about better or worse, but about the institutions and ends of its protagonists.

There are those who are anti-police and courageously went out to face the repression; there are kids, who, given the context, went out to loot large companies and capitalists, something absolutely valid if you ask me. Although the participants have had a consciousness of struggle and class, the medium and time spent transform these acts into a seed for further rebellion against the enemies of the exploited so that the violence and its tools stop pointing between us and point up, towards the oppressors.

That said, I believe that the declared political imprisonment is a matter of each prisoner, in the sense of exclaiming loudly that their actions and/or consequences fall within the rebellion against power. Admitting nuances and heterogeneity, each declares why and how he speaks and acts. I assume this confinement as a political prisoner, given my practices and ideas. This is not a whim of the ego but a consequence of where I get up, where there is no possible surrender. Most here assume the prison as a result of their insurgent practices, with a greater or lesser degree of elaboration. We recognize ourselves in a collective struggle, not only since the beautiful date of October 18, but as the continuity of the struggle since there is domination, but I can only speak for myself, because I do not want or possess the desire for any representation or intermediary, admitting that the discussion is still around my thoughts and the analysis about it.

I repeat that the jail is a political and class fact, an absolute reflection of this rotten society and that we cannot forget that those of us who are here are fed by our bodies, one of the largest and sadistic control systems that exist. But I also repeat that it is our intentions and facts that make us recognize ourselves as political prisoners, because outside they try to intimidate with fear of confinement, but they do not know that we carry the torch of will and do not manage to bend; whether outside or inside, there is that rebel seed that crosses the meadows where the revolutionary ivy will be born, that of the assumed and conscious praxis that faces with strategy, strength and projection against power, with the most diverse tools, but with the liveliness of understanding that institutionality is the trap that stops us from organizing ourselves in broad, free, horizontal ways, etc.

Affection and newen [Mapuche for strength] out there,

To continue sharpening ideas

Try to live the anarchy!

P.P. Anarchist

CP Santiago 1

January 8, 2020

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