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#Italy: Updates about some anarchist #prisoners (January 2020)

We briefly summarize the latest updates on the situation of some anarchist prisoners in Italy.

Originally published by 325.

On November 29, 2019 a search took place in the cell of the Sardinian anarchist Davide Delogu, imprisoned in the Rossano Calabro prison. At the same time, he was notified of the opening of an investigation for “association with the purpose of terrorism or subversion of the democratic order” (art. 270bis of Italian criminal code). Subsequently, he was returned some previously seized manuscripts. A week later, the guards informed him that a telephone had been found in the sewers of the prison and that they intended to charge him with its possession; Davide refused to be x-rayed and undressed.

We remind you that a solidarity fund has been opened for Davide Delogu, the coordinates are: Owner: Laura Gargiulo. Iban: IT27E0306967684510327514549.

This is the address of the comrade: Davide Delogu, C. R. di Rossano Calabro, Contrada Ciminata snc, 87067 Corigliano-Rossano (Cs), Italy.

For the repressive operation “Prometeo” (arrests of May 21, 2019) Natascia and Beppe remains in the prisons of Piacenza and Pavia respectively. On December 2, 2019, Robert, accused in the same operation, was released from Bancali prison, in Sardinia, without any precautionary measures. The release came following the decision of the court of review after the cassation, in October, had annulled the order of pre-trial detention for lack of “serious indications of guilt”. The appeal in cassation had been requested for Robert and Beppe, but for the latter it was rejected. Recently, the public prosecutor in turn lodged an appeal in cassation opposing Robert’s release; the hearing has been set for February 4, 2020. The “Prometeo” investigation is still open. The censorship in the correspondence of Natascia has been removed.

We recall that the accusations in “Prometeo” operation are of “attack with the purpose of terrorism or subversion”, since they were held responsible for sending three bomb-packs arrived in June 2017 to prosecutors Rinaudo (prosecutor in several trials against the antagonist movement and anarchists) and Sparagna (prosecutor in the trial for the “Scripta Manent” operation) and to Santi Consolo, at the time director of the DAP (“Department of Penitentiary Administration”) in Rome.

These are the addresses: Natascia Savio, C. C. di Piacenza, strada delle Novate 65, 29122 Piacenza, Italy / Giuseppe Bruna, C. C. di Pavia, via Vigentina 85, 27100 Pavia, Italy.

Giuseppe Sciacca (arrested in Verona on November 26 with the main charge of “manufacturing, detention and transport of explosive material”, for sending in 2016 an explosive package to Ladisa, the company that then ran the canteen in the CPR, a prison for migrants, in Turin), had been placed in a punitive cell in Montorio prison (in Verona) since December 26, leading to a strong situation of isolation. This reprisal followed the fact that Peppe protested against the lack of authorization for interviews and phone calls and for not receiving parcels and money. A protest implemented through beating on bars and choirs that involved the second section where he was a prisoner, albeit confined in an isolated cell. At the same time he was denounced for “threats” and “damage” (to the cell) by the prison management. Later, in January, Peppe was transferred to the “S. Michele” prison in Alessandria.

This is the address: Giuseppe Sciacca, C. R. of Alessandria “S. Michele”, strada statale per Casale 50/A, 15121 Alessandria, Italy.

Silvia, arrested on February 7, 2019, for “Scintilla” repressive operation and transferred to house arrest a few months ago, was released from house arrest and actually she only has the ban to stay the city of Turin. She was close to the deadline beyond which a precautionary custodial measure can no longer be maintained, so prosecutor Pedrotta decided to move in advance to prevent her from remaining completely free.

Domenico, who was banned from Turin because of the clashes happened on February 9, 2019, after the eviction of Asilo Ocupato and “Scintilla” operation, suffered a worsening of the measures with the obligation to sign, due to a violation of the previous statute of limitations. Having failed to show up to sign at the barracks, he was further arrested and is now in the Vallette prison in Turin.

The address is: Domenico Colosimo, C. C. “Lorusso e Cutugno”, via M. A. Aglietta 35, 10151 Torino, Italy.

Italy: Peppe was transferred to the prison of Alessandria (January 2020)

Peppe, a comrade from Catania arrested in Verona last November, was transferred to the “S. Michele” prison in Alessandria. The charges against him are of “manufacturing, holding and transporting explosive material”, for sending, in 2016, an explosive envelope to Ladisa, the company that then managed the canteen in the CPR (lager for migrants) of Turin. An episode already present, together with others, in the order of pre-trial detention for anarchists arrested on February 7th, 2019, in the context of the repressive operation “Scintilla”.

To write to him:

Giuseppe Sciacca
C. R. di Alessandria “S. Michele”
strada statale per Casale 50/A
15121 Alessandria
Italia – Italy

Source: 12 (EN/IT)

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