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Thomas Leager: A Look Inside The WI 3% Militia Pt4.

Gay frogs and shit… Reporting from the Frozen Waistlands of Wisconsin.

Image above: Public screenshot from Enough 14 Facebook page: Leager is no stranger to the term slander. In fact, he has participated in the very act he is threatening to sue over, by publicly calling out and defaming activists more than a few times.

Submitted to Enough 14.

If you’ve been keeping up with our previous reports, you will know that Thomas Leager is a co-host of The Free Men Report podcast, self styled “independent journalist” and gun rights extremist from Madison, WI. On November 2nd, 2019, at the Capitol he hosted the We Will Not Comply Rally which brought various extremists and militias from across the state and Midwest together under the guise of protesting red flag laws.

Very recently, in a hamfisted attempt at striking back with an iron fist at the team of journalists writing these profiles on this site, Thomas Leager targeted a random local activist in his city as the object of his wrath and smashed out this tirade on his keyboard:

Public screenshot from Thomas Leager’s Facebook: Leager engaging in acts of slanderous projection on a random activist. When a team of journalists published an article that outlined in great detail a 3% security meeting, he took to Facebook, shouting into the void, “Slander!” followed by an empty threat of legal action. The above screenshot will show Thomas Leager the meaning of the word slander.

So Thomas Leager recently screamed, “Slander!” after a blog was published giving vast details of a 3% Militia security meeting that he hosted for the We Will Not Comply Rally in Madison, WI on November 2nd, 2019. Perhaps Thomas should look no further than his own Facebook profile to see the true meaning of the word slander before he threatens a global journalist team with legal action. When you place yourself in the public spotlight and inside of a public square, when you launch a platform dedicated to ‘free speech journalism’, shouting through a megaphone, you invite scrutiny. You’d think that such strong men, with strong convictions, could take a little heat?! Perhaps not. Perhaps then it’s time for Thomas to get out of the kitchen.

Screenshot from Thomas Leager’s podcast’s public Twitter account @TheFreeMen87
“Melanin supremacist” is a white supremacist/eugenicist propagandist term, “wayciss” is a white supremacist dogwhistle
Mr. Leager often accuses people of racism when he tweets openly racist/whites supremacist content from racist sources.

Hopefully the irony of these words isn’t lost on the undoubtedly incredibly self aware Mr. Leager, given his internet posting history, as well as his own self proclaimed struggle with addictions and/or alcohol abuse and his legal issues surrounding an incident involving domestic violence with his mother in 2006 in Milwaukee County where a temporary restraining order was issued against him.

Public screenshot from the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access: Case Number 2006FA0055724 outlines a violent domestic violence event that occurred between Thomas Leager (respondent) and Laurie Leager (petitioner) which resulted in both a restraining order and an injunction issued for Thomas to surrender his firearms to the Sheriff. Unsurprising hypocrisy from a misogynistic man, to slander a random activist with accusations that they are guilty of violent behavior when there is credible, easily discoverable evidence that Thomas acts violently against women in his own family.
Thomas Leager also planned to crash 2020 Madison Wisconsin Pride Event with an armed militia. He claims it was cancelled due to the DNC in Milwaukee but nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that he has absolutely zero local support and his state support is rapidly dwindling and that he could never gain regional or national support for such an absurd action.

Leager is drowning. With no support for his own cause and nobody to stand by his side he’s looking for something to distract from his dwindling audience, so he publicly calls out activists and tosses out childish insults, and accuses a free and open press of slander. All smoke bombs to distract from his failures. Thomas Leager may feel so privileged with his “do as I say, not as I do” mentality, but we all know that the real world does not work this way.

Screenshots from Thomas Leager’s Facebook & his podcast’s public Twitter account @TheFreeMen87
(Bottom) Retweet from rightwing propagandist Paul Joseph Watson. On both his Facebook account and Twitter, he makes trans people a frequent object of his hatred and derision.

We invite you to peruse both The Free Men Report Twitter account  (@TheFreeMen87) and Thomas’ Twitter (@TheLibertarianP) to read not just the main tweets from those accounts, but to discover what kind of man he is and what kind of views he has through his own chosen public identity. No “slander” required. Simply look at the “Replies & Tweets” tabs to see an endless stream of unnoticed replies in his own words to bigger, more successful right wing grifters than himself. Constantly angling for attention from the likes of Dinesh D’Souza, Jack Psobiec, Candace Owens, Joey Saladino, Tucker Carlson, The Trumps, Stephen Molyneux, Mike Cernovich… even retweeting videos from David Icke. And if you’re not familiar with who is who in the scene of elder conspiracy theorists, David Icke would be one of the original creators of the “lizard people extraterrestrial shapeshifters have taken over and replaced the highest members of our government officials” theory. Absolutely absurd and ridiculous, but David Icke is also a well established holocaust denier and anti-Semite.

Screenshot from Thomas Leager’s podcast’s public Twitter account @TheFreeMen87. Retweet of an anti vaccine conspiracy theory video posted by antisemite, holocaust denier, popularizer of “shapeshifting lizard E.T. Illuminati control the world,”  professional conspiracy theorist grifter, David Icke. Leager has some extremely strong antivax views as the collage of screenshots from his public Facebook profile comments (below) will demonstrate.

Unnoticed, invalidated, deflated, begging to be thrown a bone, Thomas Leager just keeps posting.

But that’s hardly the only thing Mr Leager is fighting against. Leager has other agendas that he is pushing via his seemingly direct line from InfoWars.

Combatting the dark forces of:

A major share of the tweets, a good portions of Facebook shares, and and some of his posts on the fascist social network Gab, come from what seems to be his hero, a former InfoWars reporter with his own show, David Knight. The man shares the same anti-Semitic conspiracies about globalism, frankly bizarre videos about witchcraft and sorcery, and nationalist fascist rhetoric that Jones used to share via his PrisonPlanet network. And this is by design. Knight was given his show “Real News with David Knight” in 2017 by Jones. If you comb through Leager’s  Twitter you’ll see plenty of tweets praising him, praying for him, asking for an interview, etc.

Screenshot collage from Thomas Leager’s podcast’s public Twitter accounts  @TheFreeMen87 & @TheLibertarianP
Leager retweets David Knight at a noticeably higher amount than other right wing propagandists and when replying to him, demonstrates a level of affection, familiarity, and hero worship not seen with other people he engages with on Twitter. It’s obvious that not only does he agree heavily with Knights videos given how often he shares them, it almost seems like Leager has an almost one sided parasocial relationship with Knight based on how many of his videos he’s consumed.

As pitiful a figure as Leager cuts himself out to be here, let’s take a moment to circle around as to quite how severe an extremist David Knight is and what kinds of views Leager has been cultivating and gaining in intensity the more he feels a sense of closeness with a figure who doesn’t even know he exists.In November 16, 2016, David Knight wrote an op-ed for Aleksander Dugin’s media outlet Katheon shortly after the election suggesting that the US and Russia cooperate to take down the “globalists” (an anti Semitic dogwhistle) Dugin is Russian neo-fascist, the author of “The Fourth Political Theory” a political concept “beyond capitalist, communism, and fascism, combining the best elements of all three.” He’s written other political writings rooted in occultism, manifest destiny, and the suppression of “degenerates”.

In 2019, after the Christchurch mosque shootings in which over 50 people were killed by an eco fascist with a meme filled manifesto he uploaded to the internet, Knight chillingly broadcast on his show the next day, “Some of the things this guy said were true, quite frankly. It is a great replacement … It is designed by the U.N. to replace the people who are the indigenous people in western Europe and America with foreign migrants.” It’s a concept he is pretty stuck on, this racist “Great Replacement Theory”

Thomas Leager is a big fan!

So while his base is dwindling, his success at being able to effectively organize events, and militias less likely than ever, Leager is still growing in alienation and extremism and has deep connections within the Wisconsin 2A and Midwestern Militia community due to his past efforts. Leager may be running on borrowed time as any kind of real leader, but he’s been proven to be a hot-headed, violent person, engaging in a violent assault of a female member of his own family. Proven to be someone willing to leverage his platform and connections within the Militia and 2A community to target and name specific activists he believes may be involved in “slandering” his name without any evidence to support that. Exposed as assigning other unstable extremists to plan dangerous and aggressive plans around the demonstrations he organizes that put the public at risk for injury and death.

Many of Thomas Leager’s conspiracy beliefs, words, and actions are vile, and most of his thoughts on race, gender, immigration, and rights are repulsive. Nationalism, anti-Semitism, transphobia, ableism…these are bedrock fascist principles. We recall before doing deep research on Mr. Leager hearing from some folk in Madison that he was “Just a 2A guy, he means well.” We think it’s important for Wisconsin to realize that Thomas Leager does not.

“Shutting speech down and shutting down your opposition is not the way to a solution,” he said. “It’s a way to a civil war.” – Thomas Leager, Jan 13, 2019

Above Photo: Thomas Leager, right-wing populist grifter and self-styled “journalist” co-founder of The Free Men Report, spearheaded the organization, planning, and hosting of the November 2nd, We Will Not Comply Rally in Madison, WI.

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