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#NoWEF #Zurich: Smash #WEF! War starts here

Zurich. Switzerland. More than 500 people joined the revolutionary bloc today (January 22, Enough 14) during the demonstration “Züri gäge WEF” (Zurich against WEF, Enough 14). Our resistance against the WEF cannot be tamed, only radical and militant resistance has a chance against the cabinet of horror in Davos.

Originally published by Barrikade Info. Translated by Enough 14.

Today, the resistance has not followed the approved route and has let the social democratic attempts at taming them come to nothing. At Credit Suisse on the Stauffacher, a Turkish tank was symbolically burned. At the same time, the bank was attacked. Once again the police attempted to use force to protect the façade of a WEF member. This attempt was unsuccessful due to strong resistance.

The city police and Rykart once again show which side they are on in the face of war, displacement and ecological disaster. At the police headquarters at Sihlpost they received the answer to this policy. The anger of the whole demonstration was directed against them and their old water cannon. The atmosphere was loud and combative all along the way. There will always be an answer to the intimidation attempts of the city government – today was not the last.

In contrast to the hypocritical parliamentary politics, we say that the WEF will never achieve an improvement of the conditions. While Sommaruga and others shake hands in Davos and stand on the stage, the struggle continues on the streets. While war is being fomented in Rojava, and the climate crisis is being fueled further, we show solidarity with the social struggles taking place worldwide, for example, with the resistance in Rojava, Chile, Sudan and in France.

This successful demonstration proved that the resentment against the WEF is carried by very different forces and forms.

Smash WEF! #Riseup4Rojava


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