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Call for activities and events of the week against police brutality

Call for activities and events of the week against police brutality : “Police Everywhere, Justice Nowhere: International Solidarity!”.

Originally published by Collective Opposed to Police Brutality.

Each year, the COBP organizes a week against police brutality built on a specific theme.

The theme this year is “Police Everywhere, Justice Nowhere:
International Solidarity!”.

Revolts are multiplying worldwide: Chili, Colombia, Algeria Ecuador, Haiti, Iraq, Iran, France, Hong Kong, India… And the common point in all these revolts is police brutality. A brutality supported by colonial forces, who do not hesitate to equip police everywhere with more and more lethal weapons.

We encourage collectives and individual to contribute to this week of activities through the organization of your own events denouncing police brutality.

This year, the week of activities goes from Monday, March
9th, to Sunday, March 15th.

You can send us your events at before February 24th 2020.

Note that there are already events at the following times:

– Wednesday, March 11th, in the evening,
– Thursday, March 12th in evening
– Friday, March 13th, in the evening,
– Sunday, March 15th, in the afternoon.

The Collective Opposed to Police Brutality (COBP) is an autonomous group that is made up of victims, witnesses and/or those concerned by police brutality and all abuse perpetrated by the police. The collective was formed in 1995 from a defense committee for people arrested after a demonstration against Human Life International, a far right group. In light of the increasingly intense repression, social cleansing, and impunity rampant in Montreal, the COBP decided to organize on a permanent basis to continue its battle against police brutality.

March 15th, International Day Against Police Brutality

Since March 15th 1997, COBP has organized an annual demonstration in the streets of Montreal to highlight the International Day Against Police Brutality, which has already spread from Canada and Switzerland to Germany, England, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal through Nigeria, the U.S and Mexico.

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