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Indigenous Demand Justice for 20 Killed Leaders as Protests Resume in #Colombia

Indigenous people are demanding justice for the systematic massacre of social leaders in Colombia, as protests against the right-wing Duque regime resumed throughout the country on Tuesday.

Originally published by Abolition Media Worldwide.

Militants threw rocks at riot police, leaving 10 pigs injured. The riot police fired tear gas and stun grenades, injuring one protester and arresting 100. Anarchists were actively involved in the protests, alongside other revolutionaries.

Protests also took place in other major cities including Cali and Medellin, and nationwide there were at least 165 marches, rallies and road blockages.

Most of the arrests were in Bogota.

The Bogota events started in the late afternoon as a traditional pot-banging demonstration. Protests first erupted against far-right wing President Ivan Duque’s regime late last year.

What began as a general strike has morphed into a wider opposition to Duque’s neoliberal economic policies and the murders of indigenous people, social leaders and former guerrillas by paramilitaries and the state.

At least four people have died since protests began on November 21.

About 500 people have been injured and around 200 arrested.

While a peace agreement between FARC and the Colombian government was signed in 2016, Duque has not abided by the agreement and many former guerrillas have been targeted for executions, leading a faction of FARC to resume armed struggle.

Eliel Castillo, counselor of the Indigenous Youth of Colombia, participated at the World Encounter Against Imperialism, where he stated that indigenous people of Colombia demand justice for the recent murders of 20 social leaders.

“The Indigenous peoples deserve a guarantee of life in this society, for the defense of the territory, of life, for our economic and social rights, that is why today the original peoples are present in this World Encounter against Imperialism,” he said.

“The situation in Colombia is quite strong, quite complicated, we want worldwide support in these struggles that we are leading because we have had governments that all they have wanted is for our people to disappear. They are leading us to war, to death , to destruction, they take away our territories, invade them with any kind of projects that disrupt our lives and our being as original peoples,” he added.

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