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#Chile: Information on the prisoners of the revolt / Coordination of October 18

Chile. The following is a brief summary of the latest news about the prison and judicial situation of some of the prisoners of the revolt.

Originally published by Publicacion Refractario. Translated by Enough 14.

(First half of January 2020)

The following is a brief summary of the latest news about the prison and judicial situation of some of the prisoners of the revolt:

*The ten political prisoners of the revolt who had been transferred from Santiago 1 to the wings of the ex-Penitentiary, were again transferred by gendarmerie personnel, this time back to the Santiago 1 prison, along with most of the prisoners of the revolt.

*On January 13, 2020, a hearing was held to review the precautionary measure of preventive detention against the minors Joaquín Cáceres and Sofía Arévalo, accused of setting fire to the Town Hall of Buin on November 4. The justice system rejected the defense’s requests for house arrest, keeping Joaquín and Sofía in custody in the Chilean State’s juvenile prisons, sadly known as SENAME.

The Court of Appeals kept Felipe Damían Toro, a minor accused of carrying and throwing a Molotov cocktail, in prison since October 21.

*On January 10th, plainclothes policemen from 0S-9 kidnapped Nicolás Rio in the surroundings of Santa Lucia hill. After the viralization of a video showing the brutal and sinister act of repression, the young man is accused of throwing a fire bomb. The court decides to keep Nicolás in custody, and on January 15 the Court of Appeals upholds the judicial decision.

Solidarity and agitation with all the prisoners of the revolt!

To build networks of solidarity and collaboration for the liberation of all those imprisoned by the repression of the State!

  • Coordination October 18 for the release of political prisoners


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