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The Catalan-Balearic regional branch of the CNT shows its solidarity with the strike in the Basque Country

Catalonia. The CNT Catalonia-Balearic Islands has issued a statement in which it expresses its solidarity with the general strike called for the Basque Country and Navarre on 30 January in defence of decent public pensions.

Originally published by CNT Cataluña-Baleares. Translated by Enough 14.

The Catalan-Balearic region of the CNT shows its solidarity with the strike in the Basque Country

“We stand in solidarity with this strike and call for mobilizations to support it. For the active struggle against exploitation!” – They conclude on their social media networks.

We have the translated their communiqué:

For years, we workers have been paid less every day, we have shorter and more insecure contracts that make our lives worse. Many of us find it increasingly difficult to meet ends due to rising food, housing, transport, university fees, electricity and water bills, etc. Capitalism is becoming more and more aggressive: wealth is accumulated by a few while the majority of us are condemned to precariousness.

In addition, we live under an increasingly authoritarian state – the gag law, labor reforms, immigration law, 135, 155, repression of political movements… – that crushes to fines and sentences those who raise their voices in the face of injustice.

For all this, it is very important that we articulate a defensive response to these aggressions from our workplaces, since that is where we suffer exploitation directly. Because we know that the struggle for democracy cannot be stopped at the doors of the workplaces, we put the need for combative trade unionism on the agenda, so that it can be a useful tool in the defence of working people.

In 2019 we have seen that when we fight, we can win. The struggles of the hotel workers, of the teleoperators, Riders, workers of Titan, of the Bicing of Barcelona, of Cacaolat or of the Stradivarius (Inditex) factory of Sallent mark a change of tendency. These struggles show that a combative and offensive unionism is capable of bringing victories and useful tools for the whole of the working class.

Moreover, the working class has shown a desire for change and a break with the legitimizing agents of the transition (The transition of the Franco dictatorship into a “democracy”, Enough 14), calling into question the monarchy or the indissoluble unity of the State. This fact has given rise to responses and proposals at all levels, such as 15M or 1-O, articulated through an impressive social unionism that, from the struggle for housing, the rise of the ecological and feminist movement, the movement for public pensions, against externalisations or the Aragonese law, has been able to shake up social reality. A clear proof is the great influence and impact of the feminist general strikes of 8-M or 3-O, after the brutal wave of repression carried out by the State. Now, it is more necessary than ever to advance towards forms of struggle and cultural changes that allow strategic thinking on alternatives to capitalism.

It is for all these reasons that combative trade unionism calls for resistance and active struggle against exploitation. We need to organize in workplaces, neighborhoods and villages, because work should serve us to live and we should not live to work. We want to retrieve the lost wages. We demand that the right to housing is not just an empty phrase in a legal text. We do not accept that our homes be speculated with in the same way that as workers we refuse to be a mere commodity for sale. Together we are on the offensive on all fronts.

As a starting point, we call for a day of mobilization next January 30th in solidarity with the struggle of the workers of Euskal Herria (Basque Country, Enough 14) and in defense of our rights.

No matter who governs, we will continue to fight!

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