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#Chile: Marcelo Villarroel’s words for the anti-prison day in Puente Alto

“No sleep or rest this is social warfare; Blood will continue to flow, and they will pay, too.

Blood will continue to flow, and they will pay, too. Prepare to resist with restraint and determination;

Prepare to resist with restraint and determination; Spread our ideas, strengthen the congregation.”

Originally published by Publicacion Refractario. Translated by Enough 14.

Through these words we fight the isolation of the confinement, the silence and face all feelings of defeat. I salute this new initiative of direct solidarity with those who live the punishment of confinement for assuming a choice of life in constant struggle against the false world that offers us capital and its rotten world that is falling apart.

I speak from a prolonged and exhausting confinement, resisting the flat life of the prison and its oppressive monotony as part of a punishment imposed for being an enemy of the state and of all authority along with hundreds of comrades who over time have had to live and resist similar circumstances.

I speak to give strength and real complicity to fight in all spaces of society on the basis of the experience of the prison as an expression of continuous and permanent struggle to break all chains that oppress us.

It’s been almost 12 years of resistance to the daily routine of confinement.

For acts of offensive attack on the police, on their banks, for acts of urban guerrilla warfare in the 90s… for all and every one of the practices of armed refusal carried out in a continuous autonomous subversive struggle.

Embracing the powerful desire of the Revolt, maintaining the memory of struggle and offensive resistance against power, re-membering our commitment, with infinite passion, to the insurrectionary fire of vengeance, we have been whipping up insistence and subversive persistence, With the clarity of our way, with the certainty of knowing that we will not be able to live in the reality that has been imposed on us as “normality” because we are neither slaves nor citizens of their rotten social order.

The present is the conflict, the choke with this life of oppression and misery. Of repression and punishment using all their institutionality in the service of themselves in their world of powerful people who support their police and military assassins, historically murderers of exploited and rebellious people.

To meet each other with will and attitude, with ideas and experiences to share, with the generosity necessary for our struggle to be heard in all places and corners.

The struggle against the prison is a priority as the struggle for the total liberation of peoples, individuals and communities that have already taken certain steps of offensive resistance against those in power will be exposed to being locked up because of their ritual violations that have become our reality.

To begin this new time with all the infinite force required to continue day by day maintaining our ideas of a world without states, without authority, alone or in community, always thinking in a good collective way to see and understand the world we want and for the world we fight for without turning back and until we are all free.

Greeting all those who are organizing, all those who are there and also all those who are resisting and fighting today all over the planet keeping alive and firm our beautiful Resistance to this rotten world of submission and misery.

With all our dead in our memory!!

For total liberation: social war!!

In the face of mass indifference: Active anti-prison resistance!!

As long as there is misery there will be rebellion!!

Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda

Prisionero Libertario

17 de enero 2020

Karcel de alta seguridad

Santiago de Chile


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