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#Berlin, #Friedrichshain: Images from #Maria’s shared apartment show hints regarding the deadly police operation

Details of the execution of Maria come to light. When entering through the apartment door, the officers noticed two black and red flags in the hallway; they therefore had to assume that they were here with someone at least close to the anti-authoritarian spectrum. An image of this corridor is attached (image above).

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

It is conceivable that the death shooter was driven by the rage cultivated on his unit, the notorious Wedekindwache, against the left respectively left-wing radical or autonomous/anti-fascist scene. Residents in the northern neighbourhood are used to corresponding threats of violence, including the use of weapons, when checks are carried out; the southern neighbourhood is partly also a danger zone, and the officers deployed are the same ones.

Further disturbing are the traces of Maria’s blood on the door handle of her room, but on the side facing the hallway. So far the police claim to have found her in her room.

Images also show that the spatial conditions in the entrance area of the apartment would have made it easy for the officers to retreat if they had actually been threatened.

Also surprising is the fact that on the seal with which Mary’s door is sealed, section 51 is also mentioned as the investigating department. Usually in such cases the section of the shooter does not investigate.

It also became known that a plain-clothes policeman was caught by local residents defiling the memorial site in front of Maria’s home. When he was destroying memorial plaques that had just been put down, he was asked to stop, whereupon he angrily expressed his solidarity with his colleague. He would have acted exactly like the shooter whose name he mentioned.

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