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#Asturias: #Ronzón (Lena) Resists!

Ronzón. Asturias. Spanish territory. The collective “El Palaciu”, which has been occupying the Casona de Ronzón (Lena) for 9 months now, is going to resist the imminent eviction, dated for next Monday February 3rd.

UPDATE (January 31): The eviction has been rescheduled. The call for support is maintained. The expected eviction date is now next Tuesday 4th of February.

Originally publishd by Barcelona Indymedia. Translated by Enough 14.

The Ronzon Foundation, which owns the palace, prefers it empty and dead rather than full of people and life. We don’t agree with the closing of the Casona again.
That’s why we’re not going to abandon it, that’s why we’re going to defend it. In a rural world affected by depopulation, there are not enough self-managed initiatives to recover and give life to dead and abandoned spaces.

It is essential to focus on those responsible for this situation, the Ronzon Foundation, as well as investigating the people who have control over our money, our political agency and the right to use the land. They do not like to be questioned, but we demand answers.
The aforementioned foundation has inherited the manor house, as well as the surrounding land and the houses of the people living in the neighbouring village. These families continue to pay rent for their own houses in which they have lived for several generations. Although the statutes of the Ronzón Foundation include the responsibility of using the Casona to carry out activities of educational and cultural nature and to promote the local methods of agriculture and livestock farming, this building has remained empty for more than ten years.
However, the various initiatives that have tried and are trying to carry out activities in accordance with all the promises of the Foundation are continually met with refusals and reprisals, both from the Foundation itself and from the Town Hall of Pola de Lena (whose Mayor’s Office chairs the Foundation) and state security forces.

This attitude shows the Foundation’s lack of interest in supporting the fight against rural depopulation except during election campaigns.

We call on you to resist with us from the day before (February 2nd). Join us!
Against rural depopulation. For self-management.
From the mountains of Pola de Lena
El Palaciu” collective

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