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#Chile/#Wallmapu #Temuco: Mapuche Political Prisoners Continue to Mobilize, Denounce Repression and Police Threats

Chile. Wallmapu. Temuco. Communique by Mapuche political prisoners from January 27, 2020.

Originally published by Radio Kurruf. Translkated by Enough 14.

PUBLIC RELEASE January 27, 2020.

For native peoples, Mapuche and non-Mapuche communities and organizations in resistance. To national and international public opinion.
We express the following:

Remember that the State of Chile through its public officials and bureaucratic and corrupt institutions continue with the abuses towards the most humble society. Not satisfied with the plundering and massacres that they generated in our ancestral territory and against all native peoples, they have also left their own non-Mapuche people in very poor conditions on the basis of slavery, forced impoverishment, and not satisfied with this, finally imprisoning those people who demand rights and dignity.

Despite the strong mobilizations of different kinds of people at a national level. Even the Governors, and in particular the current one, have not thought about improving and responding to the various demands made against all institutions, so on many occasions we have witnessed their malicious and dirty practices on the part of prison officials, such as the constant torture, cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment of prisoners for common cause and so on, which is not in keeping with the thuggish attitude they had against our Peñi (brothers, Enough 14) inside the Angol prison, and they intend to repeat it in the Temuco prison. The director of the gendarmerie of the ninth region of Araucania, Don Leonardo Barrientos, together with his legal assistant, and the head of the Temuco prison unit, Don Héctor Inostroza, made this clear.

The above clearly reflects the fact that they do not have the capacity, the knowledge, or the ability to dialogue and resolve even the slightest demand, which is even more difficult for them, regarding the rights of native peoples deprived of their liberty, since they have recognized their ignorance through the regional director of the gendarmerie, in the only and last meeting held inside this prison unit on December 11, 2019, requested by the Mapuche political prisoners.

Therefore, in view of the above and of our utmost consideration for the humble society watching over its rights, we are convinced that the regional gendarmerie chief with this level of ignorance should not continue in a position of this nature.

Above all when their response to our demands has been more repression, offering and sharing sticks, bullets, threats alluding to our disappearance, being tortured and executed as Mapuche political prisoners. These are the reasons why Jorge Cayupan and José Cáceres have so far decided to carry out actions of disobedience of the prison regime’s discipline as a measure of pressure and which has resulted in a series of arbitrary sanctions including threats of being transferred to another prison. In view of the above, we request the urgent presence of the national director of the gendarmerie of Chile and the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

From the prison in Temuco letting the communities know, Mapuche and non-Mapuche organizations in resistance in freedom of action, to show solidarity with our demands.

Yours sincerely,

Mapuche political prisoners
Temuco Men’s Prison
January 27, 2020

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