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#Berlin: Press release by #Liebig34 on the court hearing of the eviction proceedings

Berlin. Liebig34 trial adjourned again due to bias of the presiding judge because of sexist language! Next date April 30th. We stay!!! Thanks to all of you, for your versatile support!

Submitted to Enough 14. Translated by Enough 14. Image above: Archive image of Liebig 34.

Here is our press release from today:

We are the Liebig34, an anarcha-queer-feminist, self-organized house project in Berlin-Friedrichshain. As an autonomous project, self-organization has both a political and a practical meaning for us. We want to live as independently as possible and incorporate the concept of DIY -Do it Yourself- into our daily lives. We have no desire to live with the everyday sexism and dominance of Cis men in the world. Especially not in our home. Therefore we have decided to organize ourselves without Cis men. All other gender identities are welcome!

We are constantly striving for a non-hierarchical, collective living space for people who are often discriminated on several levels. We create access to housing in an increasingly gentrified city, even for less privileged people.

In a system that selects people depending on financial possibilities, in a system that constantly tries to make us small, Liebig34 has been a place where feminists can empower each other for more than 20 years!

Liebig34 is a living and shelter space, a place of experimentation, of self-organization, of subculture, of self-education. It is a vibrant attempt to create a utopia and germ cell against fascism, capitalism and patriarchy.

In a city of capitalist patriarchy there seems to be no room for this place anymore. Berlin, the city we all love for its diversity and left-wing DIY image, is sold out by serving this very image. Gentrification is taking on more and more radical forms in Berlin. Politicians and the judiciary stand by idly and encourage the sell-out. And this under a red-red-green senate.

Since the contract for the Liebig34 expired at the end of 2018, we have been constantly threatened by police raids and our forced eviction. We can no longer call ourselves a safe space. At the same time, “Da für Dich” (There for you, Enough 14) is being placed on the back doors of police cars as propaganda throughout the city. But when we are exposed to daily repression by the police and it is ultimately the police who are fighting for our eviction and will carry it out, we have to ask ourselves once again: To whom does “Da für Dich” apply?

While the unrest against the system continues, people are attacked, captured and murdered by the police. They lose their homes, their freedom, their lives. Repression is increasing due to the tightening of police laws and the application of preventive terrorism laws by the judiciary.

Repression is visible in our everyday life. It is also reflected in the fact that since last week the charges of trespassing have been reaching our supporters who were in the court during the last hearing of the Liebig34 eviction lawsuit. These charges are so close to today’s court date – probably as a deterrence measure. It is shown by the fact that the housing case Liebig34 is to be heard in the high security room of the criminal court, behind a glass pane and decided by three judges. It is about living space!

If the obtaining of an eviction order against Liebig34 is a matter of jurisdiction here and now, we ask ourselves: Whose rights are at stake? And where is justice?

We do not expect justice from the judiciary, because it protects the interests of capitalists, it does not act according to ethics and morals, neither in our case nor in that of 5,000 forced evictions throughout Berlin every year.

In the last trial, as well as in the trial today, we again experienced the sexism that we are trying to fight in our project Liebig34. Be it through the distribution of charges against all persons read as female by the Berlin police, the three Cis-male judges or the sessional police order of the presiding judge Vogel, who conspicuously provocatively used the male form exclusively.

We must ask ourselves the question “What kind of Berlin and what kind of world do we want?” We as Liebig34 take the side of the irreconcilable with capitalism and patriarchy.

We have nothing left to lose!

We will continue to stay in our home!

We will defend it to the last!

Liebig34 and all other projects threatened by eviction will stay!

Liebig 34. January 30, 2020

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