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#TheHague, #Netherlands: #Shell petrol station on the Schevenigseweg ‘locked’.

The Hague, Netherlands. After the “greenwashing” action against a Shell petrol station, there was another action against Shell just one day later.

Originally published by Indymedia NL. Translated by Enough 14.

The Hague, January 31st, 2020 – Early in the morning a group of activists from The Hague literally ‘locked’ the Shell petrol station on Scheveningseweg. By fixing the hoses to each other with locks, it was made impossible to refuel at the petrol station during the morning rush hour. There were also stickers placed with the text ‘Shell Must Fall’. The action is part of the action week ‘Shell Must Fall Everywhere’, which will take place from January 27th until February 2nd.

The fossil giant Shell shows its devastating influence everywhere: From the huge port of Rotterdam to the Isla refinery on Curacao; from the trembling Groningen countryside to The Hague, where Shell has a powerful lobby and the revolving door is always open to politicians; from the pollution, corruption and murder in the Niger Delta to the devastating hurricane Irma that razed St. Maarten to the ground; from the endless amounts of greenwash on TV, in the newspapers, on social media and on the streets to the omnipresent Shell petrol stations; from manipulating schools and universities to manipulating cultural institutions and even the state forestry office.
Shell is destroying people’s lives and nature. Shell is capitalism and colonialism. Shell is climate crisis.

Actions against Shell:
Activists have been campaigning against the billion dollar Shell company for decades. In the 1980s, activists of RaRA (Revolutionary Anti-Racist Action) cut the gasoline hoses at Shell petrol stations because Shell was then involved in the apartheid regime in South Africa. Today’s action also effectively ensured (without destruction) that no corrupt, polluting petrol or diesel could flow out of the petrol station’s pumps during the morning rush hour.

Shareholders’ meeting:
With this action, the activists from The Hague want to let Shell know that they will no longer tolerate major companies destroying the world and continuing to get away with it. Shell and its dirty business must be over by now! We and many others will continue to confront and challenge Shell in the coming months. Among others, we will block Shell’s shareholders’ meeting with thousands of activists on May 19.
Shell Must Fall!

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