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#Paris: The massive rage of the fire fighters

Paris. Report and video about the clashes between fire fighters and police last week.

Originally published by Nantes Révoltée. Translated by Enough 14.

Last October, firefighters had demonstrated by the thousands in Paris. All they received were blows with batons, splinters of grenades, and contempt of the government. One firefighter had been dazed by police fire. Another had been punished by his superiors for shouting his anger. The repression against firefighters had outraged France.

On January 28, they were back in the capital, determined to make their voices heard. From the beginning, the firefighters put the police apparatus under pressure while they were under very close surveillance. Firecrackers and smoke erupted after the CRS had beaten the front ranks with unprecedented violence. A riot wall was breached, firefighters climbed a water cannon, the ring road was invaded, a CRS shield was stolen … The fearlessness and anger were great. And the repression was even worse: dozens of explosive grenades were thrown, countless people were injured, hoes were thrown and arrests were made.

The gap between the power and the people, in all sectors, is growing wider and wider.

One solution: revolution.

Images: Charles Baudry, Clément Lanot, Fabien Rives, Cerveaux non disponibles, Taha, Taha Bouhafs

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