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#Berlin: A short statement from the “#Polizeikongress #entsichern demonstration

Berlin. After the cops have already been busy with their propaganda and the mass media have taken over this garbage one to one, a few clarifying words from the demonstration (which took place on January 31st, Enough 14) will be published here.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

The demonstration was moved to Friedrichshain at short notice because last Friday, 24.01.20, a young woman was shot dead in her apartment in Grünberger Str. Since then, the Berlin police, especially their president Slowik and a significant part of the media have been busy playing down the murder, creating a self-defence situation and publicly defaming the victim of the police bullet by calling her mentally ill or a “knife woman”.

In order to counter this propaganda, to create a public sphere that would allow friends, family, mourners, all those affected by state power to have a voice, this demonstration was moved to the Friedrichshain southern district and walked along Grünberger Str. to the Wedekindwache / Section51 (police station, Enough 14), which this time had decided to continue its war against the population until its final decision. The shot was fired because these uniformed state officials are there to guide this population in their path of everyday madness like stupid sheep and there are clear rules about who is part of this society and has to be protected and who is worth nothing – worth so little that they can be beaten, imprisoned or simply shot!

There is no other explanation. Why else every cop walks around with a gun – it should not become a normality for one part of the population to wear a uniform and judge the other part.

The demonstration started at Wismarplatz and was accompanied by a massive army of cops, which of course has the sole purpose of deterring all people who have not been part of the demonstration so far, by suggesting that there are bad people on the street who definitely need to be accompanied by 800 cops!

Relatively quickly, the cops positioned themselves right next to the demonstration and forced the people to march shoulder to shoulder next to them. It was impossible to see even one banner of the demonstration, because everything was covered by cops.

This close physical contact resulted in permanent beatings and shoving by cops. Flash lights were used permanently to take portrait pictures of people in the demonstration. With the help of telescope bars, several cameras of the cops were held directly in the demonstration from the beginning.

Since the cops’ camera shots want nothing more than to further develop their prognoses and analyses and profiles about people and to overwhelm them with repression, people have masked themselves. This is and remains the purpose of masking – thereupon the cops decided to send out a loudspeaker over the whole distance of the demonstration that people should unmask themselves in order not to endanger themselves and others. And, of course, as a precaution, to point out that masking is a crime. Also their propaganda against light and fireworks, which are highly stylized as dangerous objects to maintain a danger assessment that allows them everything.

Throughout, the cops only behaved brutally and aggressively. Their statements concerning the killed person cannot be surpassed in shamelessness.

At least 3 side banners were torn apart during the demonstration.
When the demonstration arrived at the wedekindwache / Section51, we were greeted by a huge squad with dogs and filmed by their private smartphones.

The whole mob of cops that was present that evening made it clear that their “police family” would stand together in any case. That they are standing behind their killings. That they are a bunch of murderers and losers!

No peace with the police and this state!

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