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#Bure, #France: Anti-prison week in March

France. The anti-prison week will take place near Bure, on the grounds of the former Luméville railway station, from 2 to 8 march 2020. The idea is to take the time to meet, between people and groups from different countries, during formal and informal times of discussions, workshops, movie screenings…

Originally published by Anarchist Bure Cross.

A first draft of the programme has been drawn up and will evolve and become more precise in the coming weeks. The thematics, which are likely to evolve (do not hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions), would be the following:

  • Repression and anti-repression
  • (No)Borders
  • Gender issues, LGBTQ+, women’s prisons
  • People escaping prison sentences + discussions outside of thematics
  • Prison abolition (discussions around anarchist views on justice, law, crime, punishment)

There is also a desire to provide time for reading letters exchanged with people in prison and for writing to people in prison. Everyone is invited to propose a workshop and you can contact us to announce it or if you have specific needs, whether personal or technical.

We would like to pay special attention to translation during the week. We would like to provide translations during the discussions, at least in french and english, and if possible in german, polish and italian.

A vegan canteen, free price and participatory, will be organised from monday lunchtime to sunday evening. For sleeping, there will be places in sleepings and caravans, and the possibility to sleep in tents or trucks on the field (there is room!).

The field hosting the anti-prison week is relatively flat, but not very accessible to people on crutches/wheel chairs. If you have special needs in this area, please contact us.

Furthermore, the ground is not connected to water and electricity networks. There are solar panels – especially for lighting and movie screenings – but the electricity available will be limited.

The area around Bure is quite surveilled, and cops patrols are very frequent. Road checks often intensify during publicly announced events. Before coming, you can read the legal briefing in the context of Bure (also available in frenchgerman and italian).

Do not hesitate to share this event with other people who might be interested. You can also send letters to prisoners to invite them to contribute with letters.

See you in march!

Anarchist Bure Cross

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