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Evade #Chile 2020! Twelfth communiqué: Permanent General Strike!

What follows is the twelfth communiqué of Evade Chile and the email we have received.

Submitted to Enough 14 in Spanish (Castellano). Translated by Enough 14.


A group of insurgents in the city of Santiago has sent us an appeal regarding the letter that our comrade Raoul Vaneigem wrote about the world-wide revolt in progress.

The message is clear: a new phase of struggle for life is beginning. Human communities throughout Chile are organizing to recover the territories usurped and plundered by the state and the colonizers who preceded it.

What is to come is the generalized self-management of our needs, the total destruction of the chains that bind us physically and spiritually to the terrorist economy.

The earth will live again and we will live with it.

Evade Chile 2020 #

We will not listen to any more sermons

Anyone who has been to Plaza de la Dignidad during the days of protest knows what the Front Line stands for: behind the barricade there is a real carnival. The same thing happens in all the reclaimed territories from north to south. This carnival announces and celebrates, with the periodicity of an initiatory ritual, the outbreak of life that the State wants to crush to force us to return to their slavery.

Anyone who has seen the exuberant creativity of the revolt knows how much more we could do if we did not have to invest a good deal of our energy, physical integrity and our own lives in defending ourselves from the cops and prison guards who are snatching us. If we want to, we could stop depending on them totally and permanently.

This wave of vitality, which is seen in every act of solidarity in the territories temporarily regained, is what has to sweep away the mutilating inertia of the State. What terrifies the mafiosi who run it most is that we stop inflating their treasuries with money. They want to make us return to our jobs and studies with whips, gases, bullets or sonic cannons (whatever technological means available). They don’t care if it rains media accusations, if they have to dismiss one of their thugs or even if they have to publicly sacrifice one of their Capos by way of the spectacle of justice, which is also their property.

“We are the owners of Chile, the owners of the capital and of the land; what’s left over is material that can be influenced and sold; it doesn’t have any weight either as an opinion or as prestige,” Eduardo Matte, the patriarch of one of the cartels that control Chile, has said famously.

The deaths, injuries, mutilations and violence of the repression are simply risk factors for their businesses, collateral damage for their companies. Surviving in the realm of statistics, the working people, the poor, the unemployed, the marginalized, when we die we are just a figure in their news charts.

That is why the Permanent General Strike is our most effective weapon of struggle at this time: the other side of that strike is self-management!

We will produce our own lives in solidarity and mutual support.

But have no doubt, they will come and break the door of our homes if necessary in order to drag us back into our misery. Democracy gives them all the “weapons” to do so.

We’ll be waiting for you there.

Read the twelft communiqué of Evade Chile 2020 in Spanish (Castellano) as PDF:

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