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Spanish territory: #CNT calls for “maintaining and extending” the struggle for dignity after the general strike

In the Basque Country (Euskadi) and the Basque-speaking region of Navarre, tens of thousands of protesters and strikers joined a one-day general strike for “Jobs, pensions and decent lives.” on January 30.

Originally published by CNT. Translated by Enough 14.

  • The anarcho-syndicalist centre stresses that the battle against precariousness “cannot and must not end today”.
  • They also warn against “false recipes from those who seek to prevent, at all costs, that anything changes”

The CNT trade union has greeted the thousands of people who this Thursday have mobilized in the autonomous Basque region and the region of Navarre to demand pensions, jobs and a life with dignity. “The strike, an essential tool of the working class, has once again put these demands clearly on the table and has served as a reminder that only through unity can we take steps towards these objectives” – the anarchist syndicalist trade union centre stated.

In an urgent assessment released this afternoon January 30, Enough 14), the union – one of the participants in the call for a general strike – stressed that the struggle for dignity “cannot and must not end today nor be reduced to a day of mobilization. “This is what the tide of pensioners, who have been on the streets for two years, is showing, and this is what the trade unions must show” – the union pointed out.

In this context, the CNT has called for “maintaining and extending” the campaign of mobilizations for work, pensions and a life with dignity, while warning that the path of consultation and social dialogue “are nothing but false recipes of those who seek to prevent, at all costs, that anything changes.” Beware of promises and deception: “They are not worth patching up here,” the central office said. Precisely, it has called to be alert for those from the institutions “will seek to deactivate the conflict or to redirect it towards carpeted lounges”.

Similarly, the union has highlighted the “autonomous and transversal” nature of the pensioners’ movement. “Your struggle without flags or parties behind it shows us once again that only the people save the people,” the CNT said.

Finally, he regretted the role played so far by the CCOO and UGT unions, which he asked to “tell the public which side they are on”. “Above all, we ask you to stop throwing lies to cover up your embarrassment,” the organization added.

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