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#Chile: Prison and legal information about the prisoners of the revolt / Coordinadora 18 de octubre

Chile. What follows is a brief summary of the latest events that have happened to the various prisoners of the revolt.

Originally published by Publicacion Refractario. Translated by Enough 14.

  • Sofia and Joaquin imprisoned in the state’s juvenile prisons, accused of setting fire to the Buin town hall, are granted full house arrest on January 22. We are very happy about the release of both of them, but we know that the judicial process against them continues. We remain vigilant.
  • On January 22, Hector, who was charged under the gun control law, was granted access to overnight house arrest. The proceedings against him continue.
  • Victor Escarate, a political prisoner of the revolt and accused of looting, manages to end his pre-trial detention measure and leaves prison.
  • Oliver, a prisoner of the revolt in Santiago 1 after a review of the situation by the Court of Appeals, is released and placed under house arrest.
  • Jesús Albornoz and another young man are arrested and charged for carrying an incendiary bomb in Melipila. At the end of January their case is reviewed and they agree to house arrest for the duration of the investigation.
  • The Lautarinos Esteban Bustos, Gilberto Mendoza and Rubén Rivas, were imprisoned under the internal security law of the State but managed to get out under house arrest. On January 28, the San Miguel Court of Appeals imprisoned them again.
  • Raúl Llan Llan, a prisoner of the Chiloé (an island in the south of Chile, Enough 14) revolt, manages to get out of pre-trial detention and is placed under night-time house arrest.
  • On January 29, Jorge Silva and Sergio Ramirez managed to get permission for night-time house arrest. Both were prisoners of the revolt accused of carrying ammunition and attacking the police.

Many are detainees who have joined during these last days of revolt. The coordination structure continues to grow and fight until the prisoners are taken out of the claws of the State.

Support our prisoners of revolt!

Let’s multiply the solidarity and support networks with all the prisoners imprisoned because of state repression!

Coordinadora 18 de octubre por la liberación de lxs prisionerxs politicxs


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Second half of January 2020

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