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#Chile: Words from the Canera library “The #Revolt”

Santiago de Chile. Chilean territory. With the spontaneity of need, the idea of collectivizing and promoting reading in prison life was born.

Originally published by Publicacion Refractario. Translated by Enough 14.

Serving as a way to cope with the prison and the days going by.

It is necessary to promote and decentralize these spaces, even more, made from inside and above all in a horizontal way.

We work in an autonomous and self-organized way, born from the collective initiative, without the need of authorization or permissions, trying to generate dynamics among us, as well as to share, kill time and help those who for various reasons can not get books.

We are a small and humble space that positions itself within the collective struggle, we are resisting inside prison, looking for a continuity in the spreading of the ideas and practices that we had embraced on the street, shaping it with what we have at hand and in our daily lives, trying to politicize the space that we inhabit by imposition.

We give a warm embrace to all the groups and individuals who are part of this struggle and who continue out there, to the prisoners and to all the political prisoners in this world.

We still have our fists up.

Nothing and no one is forgotten. The revolt continues.

Santiago, January 2020.

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