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Evade #Chile 2020: Thirteenth communiqué: The north of Chile still resists!

What follows is the thirteenth communiqué of Evade Chile and the email we have received.

Submitted to Enough 14 in Spanish (Castellano). Translated by Enough 14.


Our comrades from the north (of the Chileanian territory, Enough 14) have sent us a few words in response to the call made from Piazza Italia (1) just a couple of days ago.

The territories and the people from the north of Chile have been brutally scourged by Capitalism since the Chilean State was officially founded. Wars and massacres have followed one another. The dictatorship transformed the desert into its mass grave. But this time the resistance has been stronger, more determined.

Regional and international solidarity is vital at this time. All the links and ties that can be established to strengthen our community of struggle must be created. Each person and group must bring their full potential to life.

We have seen the fertility of resistance with our own eyes. We will not let it be taken away from us any longer.


We will win! (2)

Why is it that if a person walks in the desert every day for pleasure, he risks being taken for a fool, but if he spends all day plundering the bowels of the earth, he is considered a hard-working and entrepreneurial person? What kind of blindness praises the transformation of the desert into a toxic waste dump?

Another of the patriarchs of one of the families that are the owners of Chile, Andrónico Luksic Abaroa, answers: “All my life I have thought: ‘God, it is not possible that this desert is here for nothing, that there is nothing here’. I always thought that it must contain something valuable”. For the officials of Capital, things only justify their existence to the extent that they can be made profitable.

This sick morality has spread the looting of our territories since they were discovered on the imperialist map of “profit at a loss”. And because big mining fattens the wallets of groups like Luksic’s are so “generous”, it also gives the people a little gift: in Chile there are an estimated 740 tailings, 101 active and 469 inactive and 170 abandoned.

A tailing is an area occupied by waste rock, minerals, water, heavy metals and chemicals obtained as a product from mineral concentration processes. Depending on the mineral extracted, these can contain heavy metals such as cyanide, arsenic, lead, cadmium, zinc, mercury, among others.

The officials of the Capital celebrate the annual production of 5.8 million tons of copper and keep silent about the 537 million tons of byproducts derived from the large mining industry that they dump in our territories. They are also silent about the concentrations of metals with which they contaminate our water, land and air, and which are a source of cancer, in some cases surpassing Chinese industrial cities which are among the most polluted in the world.

And while we fear being buried under the poisonous mud every winter and our children poisoning themselves in the kindergartens by breathing the black dust raised by the trucks that in the name of the sacrosanct “creation of jobs” plunder the desert, they still dare to say that the people rising up against their programmed death are made up of “anti-social violent people”! The trail of dispossession operates from the colony, capital without proletarian blood is not worth it. And now we know.

The impoverishment tolerated in silence has come to an end. Spilled on the streets by the enormous power of hunger, we end up in the acts with the martyrdom of capital. New fields of connection are opening up, new relationships based on sharing, on giving and giving oneself, are an expression and feed a new form of consciousness. We have built the world they want to convince us to buy. Everything belongs to everyone.

We just got life, it’s all about to be created. And although it is true that they have the firearms, we have the inextinguishable fire of our souls! 

Translation notes

(1) Plaza Italia is the former name of Plaza de la Dignidad. The revolt that started in October renamed this square and many others squares and streets all over Chile following the creative impulse of the mass of the living!

(2) The original title, “Ven-seremos” is a pun. In Spanish, if you just were to hear “Ven-seremos” you would immediately think of “Venceremos”, which means “we will win”. But “Ven-seremos” means something like “come, we will be”. The title contains this double meaning because it’s important for us to emphazise  the enourmous creative power of the subjectivity revolting against capitalist doom.

Read the thirteenth communiqué of Evade Chile 2020 in Spanish (Castellano) as PDF:

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