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#Thuringia: A shock wears off – Some thoughts from an anarchist perspective

On February 5, 2020 Thomas Kemmerich, who entered Thuringian state parliament with his FDP with only 5%, was elected Minister President with the votes of AFD, CDU and FDP. Since the discourse has shifted to the right for years, this was, with a closer look, not surprising. Even if we regard it as positive that directly afterwards thousands spontaneously took to the streets nationwide, we are still surprised about the fact that many people were shocked After the statements of various CDU politicians after state elections in Saxony and Brandenburg, the events in Thuringia is simply the next logical step. Of course further steps will follow.

Submitted to Enough 14 in German. Translation by Enough 14.

A shock wears off. The so-called bourgeois parties, but also the fascist AFD, will have already sent their teams on the streets to produce opinion polls, because they want to know what percentage of the population is really upset about the events in Thuringia. That fascists are being courted in German mainstream media is now part of everyday life. Cooperations with the AFD are also not new. On the local level there is time and again cooperation between the so-called parties of the center and the AFD. In Wuppertal it was no problem for all parties (with the exception of the left party “Die Linke”) to take part in a discussion with the AFD in Café Swane before local elections in 2015. Only because of an intervention of a group of antifascists this event was disrupted.

It is not surprising that the CDU and FDP have fewer problems with the AFD than with the social democrat Ramelow of Die Linke. All three stand for an authoritarian state, a neoliberal economic policy and these policies are a good breeding ground for fascism. They are well aware of this. But also the other parties represented in the Bundestag like to march along when it comes to “Law and Order”. Die Linke (Brandenburg), the Greens (Baden-Württemberg) as well as CDU/CSU, SPD and FDP have introduced stricter police laws in several German states. In all parties there are always functionaries who are fishing for votes on the right side. These functionaries do not have to fear any consequences from their respective parties. No matter whether it is Boris Palmer of the Greens, or Sarah Wagenknecht with her Querfront strategies, in die Linke (1).

At the federal level, the CDU/CSU and the SPD have made a number of asylum laws more restrictive. The latest attempt by the federal government to examine asylum applications already at the EU’s external borders shows that the inhuman living conditions of refugees in Libya and on the Balkan route still do not go far enough for the SPD and CDU. At the latest since the introduction of the neo-liberal Agenda 2010, it should be clear to everyone that the SPD has shifted the discourse to the right. O-tone of the then Minister of Labor for the SPD, Franz Müntefering: “Only those who work should eat”. With this statement he was closer to the later founded AFD than many people want to be aware of. But even this was no real surprise, this has historical roots: Greetings from Rosa Luxemburg. These are only a few examples where the so-called bourgeois parties repeatedly show that they are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

As anarchists it is natural for us to engage ourselves in the antifascist struggle, but neither to strengthen the bourgeois parties and their parliamentary system, nor to do so without a fundamental rejection of capitalism. We also reject the concept of nation states. Under capitalism, people are in competition with each other and are exploited. The underlying idea makes fascism possible. Nationalism is only another form of this principle of competition. Nation states cannot survive without hierarchy. The economy as well as nation states are both controlled by systems of domination. For the economy, people are nothing more than human capital, for the nation state they are both human capital and voting sheep to secure its power. Fascism is only an extreme expression of this, whereby fascist nation states also like to renounce the role of the subordinate ones as voting sheeps.

Thus an anti-fascist struggle, in our view, is always also a struggle for a society without hierarchies. Even if we are against the parliamentary system, we still think it is important to intervene in situations like the recent events in Thuringia. Not because we are shocked, we are not shocked. Not to strengthen the bourgeois parties, because we do not want to do that. We want to take part in the antifascist struggle with our own positions. For us this means that the struggle against fascism is a struggle against the state and capital!

Among many other things, the example of Thuringia shows that in case of doubt the CDU and FDP let their neo-liberal policies be pushed through with votes of the fascists. It is about time to strike back!

For the coming insurrection

Some anarchists from Tal [2] February 2020.

Translation notes

(1) In a broader sense, the term Querfront refers to the cooperation or mixing of left and right positions, including attempts to increase support for anti-emancipatory positions and to establish cross-camp action alliances “across” existing left and right political positions. This concerns parts of German neo-Nazism, but also leftist groups and parties with nationalist tendencies.

(2) People living in Wuppertal (German territory) often call their city Tal.

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